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speaking about free time activities
Beginner level


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Main Aims

  • function/lexis

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practice speaking using the phrases "in my free time" and the related activities


Lead in (4-5 minutes) • practicing the previously taught contents

The T has a picture in her hand but doesn't show it to the Ss. After the Ss make a few guesses the T shows the picture to them and says " I like coffee". Then the T puts the picture on the board and above the picture writes "I like". The T repeats the same procedure with 3 more pictures. Then the T asks one of the Ss for their answer e.g about what he/she likes and the T writes the sentence on the board ( The T has to play this part so that the Ss get the instructions well. as the activity is a pair work the T sits beside a student and does the same as the Ss are expected to do). Then the T tells the Ss to switch partners and start doing the activity. If there are any corrections needed regarding the grammar the T writes them down on a piece of paper and in the end writes it on the board. The T nominates stronger Ss to correct the mistake.

Practice activity 1 (16-20 minutes) • Practicing to use phrases related to what people do in their free time correctly

The T shows pictures of different activities people do in their free time and elicits the answers from the Ss. The T Shows the picture of people in the cinema and asks: "where is it?" After the Ss answer the T says: "I like cinema." then the T tries to elicit "go to the cinema" from the Ss and after that puts the picture on the board. The same procedure goes with the other phrases. Then the T shows a piece of paper which a phrase is written on it. The T asks one S to put the paper on the board under its related picture by only asking "Which picture?" Then the T asks the Ss to sit in pairs and gives each pair a printed HO and asks the Ss to put it under the related picture. then the T checks if any phrases are misplaced and corrects them by asking the WC. Then the T teaches the pronunciation and stress for each phrase through drilling. Then the T gives an example of the information writing Ho activity which the Ss are going to work on by 1st writing one of them on the board and doing it herself. then the T asks the Ss to do the activity individualy and then check their answers with their partners. Then the T asks one of the Ss to read the answers for the first one and then the S nominates another S to do so. Then the T corrects their mistakes as a WC if necessary.

Practice activity 2 (10-15 minutes) • The Ss learn to talk about what they do in their free time

The T elicits the phrase "free time"from the Ss. Then she sa"I go to the theatre inmy free time.". then the T points to a stronger Ss and asks her by saying "and you?" The T does the same with some other Ss so that the meaning is conveyed. The T emphasizes on "In" in the phrase "in your free time" by asking CCQ's such as "I play tennis at my free time?" then the T teaches "a lot" by saying I watch TV a lot. the T does so by miming and using the contradictory phrase "a little". Then the T asks the Ss to write four sentences about their free time on a piece of paper and share their answers with their partners. In the end the Ss have to say if there were any similarities between their free time activities and their partner.

milling activity (3-5 minutes) • asking yes/no question about free time and practice more speaking

The T writes a dialogue on the board which its question is missed. the T asks the Ss about the question and then asks them to get up in the class and interview their classmates by asking e.g "Do you go shopping in your free time?" using the phrases which is given to them through an information writing Ho. The Ss have to write the name of the person on the paper. In the end the Ss say the activities their classmates do in their free time to the class. The T checks if there are any mistakes and corrects them.

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