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Grammar lesson
pre-intermediate level


İn this lesson the students will learn about the use of used to ..we will have a grammar lesson in which the students will understand the meaning of used to and will know when and how they have to use it through guided discovery and different exercises .İn addition they will practice , with their partners and in small groups , the speaking skill through describing some pictures and events using the Target language .


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of used to in the context of music

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of family life


Grammar (2-3 minutes) • ice breaking

i will make a situation taken from the theme of the previous lesson : listening to music using a modern tool like the earphones and asking students whether they use it now and whether their mother of father used to have it before To show that it a new thing that didnt exist in the past .( a connection with the Target language )

Grammar (3-5 minutes) • introducig the Target language

i will write on the board two sentences taken from the listening of the previous lesson and one made by me in the same context of music and i will ask for the meaning of used to and give the a piece of paper as an exercise to do with their partner . the paper will be folded and they have to choose the right answer and check it with the other partner . Then they will open it and check their answers .after that i will provide them with explanation and more examples .

Grammar (5-8 minutes) • Guided discovery

i will give the learners a piece of paper in which they have to fill the gaps with the affirmative the negative form and the interrogative form of used to while i just explained the affirmative form . After checking their answers with their partners we will correct and i will set the rule on the board .

Grammar (4-7 minutes) • checking understanding

i will group them and make them work together on the interrogative form of ued to...they have to fill in the gaps and ask each other those questions .İn addition they have to add two questions and ask them to their partner.

Grammar (3-5 minutes) • Enhancing understanding

i will write on the board few sentences with mistakes concerning the TL . The learners are supposed to find the mistake and correct it .

speaking (3-5 minutes) • practice the TL

in this stage i will show some before and after celebrity photos to the students and they have to describe the difference using the tl ( used to ) .

speaking (4-6 minutes) • exchanging ideas

the learners will have to speak about a past period of their life ( when he was teenager or student ) and telling it to their partner .

homework • Enhancing understanding

the learners will have to write a short paragraph about the family life before the internet .( family members used to stay together and speak more and discuss their problems......)

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