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TP6 - Do the housework! (Lizzie)
Elementary level


In this lesson students will learn the vocabulary for different household tasks, including the appropriate verb collocations, and complete a listening task based around the theme.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson students will be familiar with vocabulary relating to household tasks, including the appropriate verb collocations

Subsidiary Aims

  • For students to become more familiar with the TL by completing a listening exercise, listening both for gist and for specific details.


Lead in (3 minutes) • To introduce the theme of housework

Use pictures to elicit the theme of the lesson 'housework'

Exposure (10 minutes) • To introduce and clarify the TL

Ss to complete a matching exercise of pictures of housework, the names of the chores and the verbs that we use with the chores. *For example, matching a picture of making a bed, with the verb "make" and the phrase "the bed". Feedback together and learn any new vocabulary.

Practice 1 (7 minutes) • Controlled practice of TL

Ss to play 'charades' in groups with household tasks.

Lead in (5 minutes) • To introduce the listening task

Ss to guess in pairs "_% of men don't do the housework" Introduce listening exercise. Who will they hear? What will they talk about?

Practice 1 (8 minutes) • To listen to the audio for basic details

Ss listen to the audio and tick chores off the list when they hear them. Clarify any new vocabulary. Were they right about the percentage? What does Ralph want to say to his mother? Does Tom say he does a lot of housework? Who is Anne? Does she agree with Tom? (Listen again)

Practice 2 (7 minutes) • To listen for detail.

Ss to listen to the recording and answer the questions in listening exercise 3.

Post listening exercise (5 minutes) • For Ss to use TL

In pairs Ss discuss what chores they do at home. What is the easiest household chore? Which is their least favourite?

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