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Teaching practice 3b
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson students will practice their listening skills as well as speaking skills in the context of music. They will be introduced the different kinds of music in order to be ready to discuss with each other what kind of music they like and to practice their speaking skills. After such a brief warm-up they will continue with a listening part and anchoring it with a quick but dynamic activity, doing the "matching" exercise with flash cards in groups. This activity will also provide them with a new vocabulary. Then, the Ss will do the listening part that will be divided into 3 stages (pre-listening, listening for gist and detailed listening) and every stage will come up with an exercise. The lesson will be wrapped up with a speaking activity when the Ss will play the game "Find someone who".


Abc Pre-listening HO
Abc Pics of different kind of music (pictures of singers)

Main Aims

  • To provide detailed and gist listening practice using a text about History of sound recording in the context of Music

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a discussion and share opinions in the context of Music


Brief intro to the context of Music (3-5 minutes) • To warm up the Ss and prepare them to the speaking practice that will happen after

The Ss will be shown the pictures of different kinds of music. They should name each picture guessing the kind of music that is shown on the picture. The pictures contain the singers that actually play the specific kind of music

Speaking practice (3-5 minutes) • To practice speaking skills

The Ss will be given HOs with questions about what kind of music they like to listen to. They should discuss their preferences in pairs answering those questions.

Vocabulary and pronunciation practice (5-7 minutes) • to introduce the Ss new vocabulary and to drill the pronunciation

On the walls of the class and the WB there will be sticked the flashcards with the names of different sound recording players. The Ss will be divided into 6 groups and given the pictures with the names of the players. They should match the words to pictures. After, each group will check the answers of another group. When they come back to their seats the T will show the pics of the players and the Ss should name them and drill the pronunciation.

Pre-listening (5-7 minutes) • to prepare Ss to the further listening practice

The Ss will be given the HOs with a list of music gadgets that will be mentioned in the track they are going to listen further.The HO will have a cline that they should fill-in. In pairs they should make the order when the gadgets appeared from the oldest to the newest.

Listening to gist (5-7 minutes) • to develop Ss' 'listening to gist' skills and to check the answers from the previous exercise

The students will listen the audio track on History of sound recording. They should check their previously decided order with the order that is described in the track. After, the T will draw a cline on the board and stick the pics of the music gadgets as it is given in the audio track in order to let the Ss compare their order with the right one.

Listening for specific detail (10-15 minutes) • To develop and anchor Ss' 'listening for specific details' skills

The Ss will be given double-folded HO with the "Fill-out the gap" exercise. They will listen to the previous audio track and do the exercise. Then they will unfold the second side and check their answers.

Speaking activity "Find someone who" (5-7 minutes) • to practice Ss' speaking skills and wrapping up the lesson

The Ss will stand up from their seats and be given the HO of the game "Find someone who" in the context of Music. They will ask each other the questions listed on the HO what will let them practice their speaking skills

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