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Abc Ex.11 Fill in the Gaps
Abc Ex.13 Gap-fill A
Abc Ex.13 Gap-fill B
Abc TB Activity Gap-fill A
Abc TB Activity Gap-fill B
Abc Flashcards

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation using questions in the context of emails, travel, and descriptions.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide review of are/aren't in the context of travel.


Review/Intro (3-5 minutes) • Review vocabulary to use in following exercises

Split class into pairs. "One person is going to hold up a card above their head. The other person is going to describe the word so the partner can guess." "Use English, only." Hand out one stack of flashcards to each group. After a couple minutes switch partners.

Ex. 11 Gap-fill (5-6 minutes) • To use the plural of "to be."

Chest materials. "Fill in with are or aren't." HO Write out exercise on board. When finished: "Check with your partner to see if your answers are correct" Go over answers.

Ex.12 (4-5 minutes) • Practice asking questions and answering.

HO email "Look at the email and ask your partner these questions."

Ex.13-1 Choose the correct words (3-4 minutes) • Distinguish between proper use of "is" and "are."

"Do not unfold." "Circle is/are" Give half of the class A and the other B Check with a partner "Unfold your paper and check your answers."

Ex.13-2 Ask a partner. (7-10 minutes) • Practice speaking and comprehension

"Put your pencils down. You don't need to write." "Stand up. Find another group member and ask your questions." Monitor to see if they understand and for error correction. (No WC FB)

TB Activity Info-gap "To be" Plural (17-20 minutes) • Practice speaking with "to be" (plural) questions

-While working on previous exercise write: Where are Tom and Alice from? (underline "Tom and Alice") How old are they? What are their jobs? Are they married? Where are they now? Are they in a new hotel? Are the rooms very big? Are the restaurants cheap? Check=Yes X=No How do you spell that? Can you repeat that, please? Drill questions. "Do not look at your partner's sheet" Ask for volunteer. Do a practice question. "Where are Tom and Alice from? - They are from Australia." HO ABABABAB... When finished compare with partner.

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