Murat Murat

Teaching Plan 3
Pre-Intermadiate level


In this lesson the main focus will be on listening. After talking about places known for their night life, and living at those places, we will talk about Ibiza and the life style there. Then students will be listening interviews about people that live in or visit Ibiza, and complete tasks about the interviews. Then we will focus on the lexis, working on meaning and pronunciation. After that we will complete a task using the new words. We will end with discussions in pairs.


Abc Hand outs photocopied from the book Inside Out
Abc Recorded audio

Main Aims

  • To improve listening skills using three recorded interviews in the context of living in or visiting Ibiza

Subsidiary Aims

  • To engage students with new and informal vocabulary To give sts freer speaking practice


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To inform students about the context of the lesson and engage them using places known for their night lives

- Write Çeşme, Bodrum on the board ask the students what these places are known for - Elicit the word night life, ask the students what it is, give a brief description about it - Ask them if they would like to live in a place known for its night life. Ask them what they think the upsides and the down sides would be - Ask them the places famous with their night lives in the world - If no one comes up with Ibiza give it to them

Pre-listening Section (7-9 minutes) • To prepare Ss for the listening task, giving them a chance to guess which character may have said what

- Talk briefly about Present Perfect tense to remind Ss about the form and meaning, since this tense is used widely in the interviews. Elicit what they know about this tense - PW, Ss try to match the given statements to the pictures on the handout. Ask 6 different people who they think one of the statements belong to.

Listening Section (8-10 minutes) • To work on listening skills, understand which statement belongs to whom

- PW, play the recorded audio, and tell the students to write down which statements belongs to whom. If they want to listen to it again, play it 2 more times - PW, Tell the students to check whether their assumptions on the statements were true or not - Ask 6 Ss what their answers are and use St-WC F/B

Post-listening Stage (10-12 minutes) • Ss learn the meaning and pronunciation of informal expressions in the text

- T writes the new vocabulary on the board, eliciting the meanings from the Ss - T gives the right pronunciation for each word - PW, Ss try to decide which word can be used instead of the underlined word in the lexis ex. For F/B T will use St-WC, if nobody gets the right answer then, T-WC - PW, Ss discuss if any of the statements are true for their partner - Discuss as a class if any of the statements are true for anyone's partner

Free-speaking Stage (10-12 minutes) • Ss talk to each other about a place they've been choosing the specific subject from the anecdote list on the handout

- PW, Ss will talk about a time they recently went out, and they will specifically ask the questions in the 'Anecdote' section to their partner - T monitors, helps students that are unclear with the instructions. T also helps the Ss with how they make their point - WC discussion, T asks at least 3 Ss to talk about their partner

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