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In this lesson, students practice their writing and speaking skills. In the pre-writing part of the lesson, T elicits vocabulary and phrases that can be useful in the following activity.Ss will discuss in semi-controlled conversation about the ingredients and the process of cooking sandwiches. In producing writing activity Ss will choose in pairs the ingredients and write in a semi-controlled activity about the prosses of cooking their own sandwich.After that Ss need to swap with their partners and cook the sandwich. One partner (A/B partners) is going to read and control the process of cooking, the other one cooks and present a sandwich.Then they can try it and discuss in a freer semi-controlled speaking practice for fluency, did they like the sandwich or not, which one was better. Ss practice and review their previous lessons vocabulary by describing their preferences and the amount of the ingredients.


Main Aims

  • Writing and speaking

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking for fluency.


Lead-in/ context (2-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students.

T will present the picture (Pp) and then the realia. Set the context: T will ask what is the easiest/quickest dish that takes just a few minutes they can to cook by themselves and order in a cafe? (sandwich) T will show the picture of her own sandwich and then will show the realia.

Exposure (ECDW) (6-10 minutes) • To elicit vocabulary and generate ideas for upcoming product writing task

T will ask what kind of ingredients they will need to cook the particular sandwich. Then T will show the realia (the food on the table) and elicit the vocabulary from the ss. (some bread brown/white, some cream cheese and white cheese, some tomatoes, some cucumbers,some lettuce, some bacon, some pepper and some lemons, fries.) T will ask what process of preparation of food do we use? (cut, chop,put, pour, fry,mix,) (T will mime it, show it) What is the name of that process? (a slice, a piece) How to describe the final product if you like it? (delicious, tasty, fantastic) If you don't really like- what was too much, too many... (it's interesting, but.. too much, too many, not enough, a lot..) After eliciting and drilling, write these words on board.

Exposure (Pre-writing) (4-7 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming activity. (filling the gaps

Modelling. Then T will say look at the ingredients and tell me what shall I do to make a sandwich? Ss tell the T and the T makes it, following Ss instructions. Use the verbs cut, put, take and the names of ingredients. Then T will say that Ss will have to complete the gaps in her instructions, with the verbs cut or put. (handout) 1-2 min.Then Ss compare their answers with the partners. Answer key on the board.

Modeling an example • To provide a model of production expected in coming writing and presenting activity.

T will say that the example of her recipe/instructions is on the Pp. T will ask Ss to say the steps of the recipe of her sandwich and then model a presentation. 1First cut 2 pieces of white bread. 2 Then put some cream cheese on one of the pieces. 3 Put some pieces of bacon on the cream cheese. 4 Cut a tomato in half. 5 Put some pepper on the tomato. 6 Now put the other piece of bread on top. 7 Present your sandwich. 8 Finally - eat the sandwich! It's delicious.

While writing (15-20 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target language productive writing skills. Guided writing.

Ss will write in pairs their own menu/recipe.They also need to think about the name of their sandwich and the presentation of their sandwich.Write it and make attractive. Then Ss will have to walk around and read other people's menu. They will have 3 minutes for that.

Semi-controled speaking practice. (5-8 minutes) • To get the students to use the target language to talk about sandwich ingredients and instructions to make it.

Ss will work in the same pairs. One student will be a cook who reads the instructions and another one will be an assistant who makes a sandwich and then will have to present it. T will model it first with o of the s. The cooks will stand near the wall where their menu is and will read the instructions. The assistants will have to cook it as quickly and possible and then present their sandwich! Finally, they will eat it.

Freer speaking practice (6-8 minutes) • To provide the practice of productive speaking skill.

Ss will interview each other about their food preferences and ability to cook.

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