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Teaching practice 4
B2 level


In this lesson students practice the skill of speaking and the -ing verbs.Some listening and new vocabulary .


Abc Global Pre-Intermediate coursebook
Abc Audio CD,track1.69

Main Aims

  • Practice the skill of speaking and the -ing verbs

Subsidiary Aims

  • Introduce new vocabulary and listening


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • Engage the students

I write on the board a list of my hobbies and I ask students which are theirs.Then I want them to share their ideas with a partner.They can do it through a game:one student draws an object related to one of his hobbies and his partner has to elicit it.

Vocabulary (5-6 minutes) • Introduce vocabulary

I introduce new vocabulary through exercise 1,p.58.Students have to match verbs in the box to the nouns.They can work in pairs and I check answers as a whole class.

Freer practice (5-7 minutes) • speaking

Students work in pairs and tell each other which of the activities of exercise n 1 they do.(Exercise 2,p.58). I also provide examples of frequency adverbs and how to use them,in case they need to brush them up,so they can use them in their own sentences.

Listening (10-12 minutes) • listening

Students listen to a presentation about"the serious leisure perspective".Then they have to answer few questions related to the text (exercise 2,questions 1,4).They can do it in pairs. If time allows they can share their ideas on the text,if they agree or not,if they prefer casual or serious leisure activities.

Grammar analysis (7-8 minutes) • introduce -ing verbs

The focus is on the -ing form verbs and how to use them.

Freer practice (7-8 minutes) • practice the use of -ing verbs

Exercise 3,p.59 Students complete the sentences of the exercise with their own ideas using -ing verbs.They can practice immediately what they have learnt. Then they share their ideas with the partner.

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