Past Simple Lesson
A1 level


In this lesson, Ss will learn about past simple. The lesson starts with a listening which Ss did in last lesson. they have to come up with new ideas about what they have heard and what the story of Olga, Connie, and Andre is about. Finally, they have to learn the grammar and of course the functional language.


Abc Timeline

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Simple past (Grammar) (regular and irregular verb) in the context of Routines (past simple verb)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of language used for Making sentences with daily activity of the routines in the context of Routines (past simple verb)


Lead-in and warmer (3-5 minutes) clarify grammar lesson by asking Ss from the listening (6-10 minutes) • Grammar (regular and irregular verb)

Basically, Teacher ask what do they think about the listening and then maybe Ss need to hear again the whole story about Olga, Connie and, Andre. They will realize that these stories are not happening at the moment and it is about the past. Then the T will write the marker sentence on the W/B: " Ogla listened to music.

Eliciting the past simple verb (10-15 minutes) • Regular and Irregular verbs

The marker sentences are needed to be Regular. obviously, they will realize the past tense of Listen will be Listened (ed form). When the recording stops, they have to ask their partner (pair work) what the story is about. Then CCQ is needed. "Is she listening to music now?" (NO) "Is she at the party now?" (NO). Then the marker sentence will be Olga listened to the music. At this part when the T writes the marker sentence, she should make timelines for the Concept Checking Questions for those who did not understand the whole concept of the past verbs. For the Irregular verb, T asks Ss to see the transcribe. and underline ALL OF THE VERBS individually. Then the T writes all the words on W/B and T divides the verbs into two different colors.

Clarifying target language (10-15 minutes) • Highlight form

The T will write on W/B the form verb + ed/d - Now the T share the handout the exercise 2. Page 55. - Ss will listen to the record and they answer the questions individually and check in pairs. - Now the teacher ask students to pronounce the /Id/ (stayed) and /d/ (listened), (cooked) ... - Now the Ss need to do the Ex. 3 but before that, they need to follow up the questions. ICQ This is a Test for each student. - The last ex is part 4. they have to fill the blanks and check with their partner.

Feedback and monitoring (7-10 minutes) • To establish correct answer and monitor the Ss

The final stage is that Ss should think about the last weekend. Then they have to write down their sentences and after that ask each other about the last weekend with a different group.

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