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Unit One Speaking - 1 Lifestyle
Jose Manuel Garcia level


Focus is on speaking practice 2 lessons for one unit Monday: 7:45-9:00 (75) Wednesday: 7:45-9:00 (75 mins)


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Main Aims

  • Speaking and Listening

Subsidiary Aims

  • Vocabulary


Warmer (5-10 minutes) • introductions

Get student to introduce himself (guided questions) Name Born Age Family Interest Why study English etc Tell me about your job Get student to ask me questions

Youtube Video (3-5 minutes) • Set context: Lifestyle

Generate ideas. What did you see in the video.

Vocabulary Box (5-10 minutes) • Clarification of vocabulary for speaking use

Use vocabulary box to build up vocab. Elicit meaning, form, function and an example sentence. Alternative Busy Chaotic Comfortable Exciting Healthy Luxurious Quiet Relaxing Sedentary Simple Stressful Lifestyle

Speaking 1: Tell me about your lifestyle (5-10 minutes) • Speaking Practie

Lifestyle Good/bad/stressful/healthy Get Ss to ask me the same questions

Useful Language (5-10 minutes) • Practice Accuracy

Go through the expressions and get S to practice I get the impression I expect/imagine He probably I doubt that Perhaps She might/may

Speaking 2: Talk about the pictures (8-10 minutes) • Speaking Practice

Use the pictures in 1, 2, 3, 4 Comparisons etc. Tell lead questions What do you think about...

Grammar Review: Frequency Adverts (8-12 minutes) • Speaking Practice 3: Habitual Behaviour

Review Frequency adverts for Speaking Never Always Sometimes Often Usually Normally Speak about habitual behaviour

Fashion (2-4 minutes) • Set Context

Youtube video What's it about? Do you like fashion?

Clothes (5-10 minutes) • Grammar Review

Elicit form, meaning and function, plus an example sentence tight-fitting baggy casual formal colourful plain tasteful unfashionable tasteful unfashionable smart trendy scruffy sleeveless

Speaking 4: Are You Fashionable? (4-10 minutes) • Speaking about fashion

Do you think you are fashionable? Tell me about your style How would you describe my style Can you tell me about someone fashionable?

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