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Listening Lesson on Success
Intermediate level


In this lesson, after the lead - in, Ss will be provided with a listening for gist stage, and following that, listening for specific information stage. They will practise through controlled practice and finally free practice (speaking for fluency) will be implemented.


Main Aims

  • To provide gist and specific information listening practice using a text about success in the context of an article on BBC Focus Magazine about Malcolm Gladwell's book "The Outliers"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a pre - discussion and post - presentation in the context of an article on BBC Focus Magazine about Malcolm Gladwell's book "The Outliers"
  • To provide clarification and practice of verbs & phrases about success in the context of an article on BBC Focus Magazine about Malcolm Gladwell's book "The Outliers"


Lead-in and Contextualization (2-3 minutes) • To activate ss’ interest and engage them in the topic (activate schemata)

T - WC: On Powerpoint: “What’s the secret of success?” Ss discuss the question in pairs. T elicits Ss’ ideas in the feedback session.

Pre-listening Stage (Semi - Controlled Speaking) (4-5 minutes) • To let students discuss their reactions on the quotations - to prepare Ss to the listening accordingly

T - WC: Instruction: You are going to read the quotes alone, and then discuss together with your partner. In pairs: "What do they tell you about success?" "Do you agree or do you disagree?" Ss read the quotes alone and discuss the questions in pairs. T checks if Ss understand the quotes while monitoring and then elicits which ones they agree/disagree with. T - WC: Instruction: Write the names of two successful people on a piece of paper. Work alone. These should be famous people. And then share your ideas with a new partner. Instruction Check: Are you going to speak or write? Are you working alone or in pairs? Are you going to share your answers with a new partner? T gives Ss 2 mins to think of and write the names of two successful people on a piece of paper. They should be famous people. They can write answers to the two questions on Part B and share their answers with their partners. In FB session, T elicits the answers from the Ss.

Introduction of vocabulary (Controlled Practice) (3-4 minutes) • To introduce the meaning of words form the context

T - WC: Instruction: Work in pairs. Fill in the gaps with the correct word / phrase. Demoing: T reads the example with the class. Ss complete the sentences with the phrases in the box with the partners. In FB, Ss compare their answers with the answer key on the PowerPoint..

Clarification of the new vocabulary (Controlled Practice) (2-3 minutes) • To clarify the new vocabulary about success

T - WC: Instruction: Match the definitions (meanings) with the phrases from Exercise A, on the cut-outs. You are going to work as a group. Group "Beatles" receives the cut outs. Group "Beethoven" receives the definitions. Match them! Ss match the definitions to six of the phrases in the previous exercise. Group 1 is given the cut-outs of these phrases. Group 2 is given the definitions. They need to walk around and interact in order to match. In FB, T elicits Ss’ answers and gives further examples/explanations if necessary. In delayed FB, T clarifies any mispronounced verb / phrase in accordance with the anticipated pronunciation problems.

Guessing & Listening for gist (3-4 minutes) • To let Ss listen to the passage in order to get a general understanding of it

T - WC: Instruction: (On PowerPoint) Have a look at the Title. What is the programme about? Can you guess the secret to success? Ss read and check their predictions, then discuss what they think the secret of success is. Instruction: Listen and check if your prediction is true! SS listen to the recording, and then check their prediction in pairs. In FB, T elicits Ss’ answers. Answer to the gist: They all practised at least 10.000 hours.

Listening for specific information (8-10 minutes) • To allow Ss to listen for specific information

Ss listen again and complete the summary of the story in pairs. If necessary, Ss listen to the summary once again after they check with other peers. In FB, Ss check their answers from the answer key on PowerPoint.

Free Practice (Speaking for Fluency) (15-18 minutes) • To let students produce the target language skill (lexis) and the contextual information via creating a presentation

T - WC Instruction: You are going to work in groups, to make a presentation on the board to your friends. Your presentation question is: "What's the best way to be successful at learning English?" First discuss these questions within your group: (on PowerPoint) - Are you good at English? - Are you not so good at English? - How much do you practice? Then, you will create a program for improving your English level for the next 6 months. What are your suggestions? Be creative! Demo on PowerPoint: * You should make a list of films to watch and watch them with English subtitles.

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