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teaching practice 6
Pre-intermediate level


This lesson will be about animal lovers, people and their pets. SS will be introduced to important lexis related to the lesson previously by my colleague and they will be given speaking practice and then there will be a grammar focus in this lesson focusing on the present perfect simple focusing on 'for' and 'since'


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Main Aims

  • This lesson will be a grammar focus using the topic animal lovers ss will be presented with the present perfect simple with 'for' and 'since'

Subsidiary Aims

  • making use of 'for' and 'since' especially with pets and animals ss will be given speaking practice


Lead in (5-7 minutes) • Draw ss attention to the lesson

greetings. Ask ss to put their hand up if they have a dog... again if they have a cat... parrot etc. Ask ss who have a dog, cat - how long have they had it for? since when have they had it? say "I have a dog and I have had it for 2 years. I had it since I moved to a new house.

Gap fill exercise (7-10 minutes) • Prepare ss for the grammar focus

Chest the HO and explain to ss this is a gap fill exercise and they have to put the verb in the present perfect simple or past simple. Explain they might have to out more than one word in the gap. "ss please look at the example on the board " Oscar werbeniuk, who is 61 HAS LIVED all his life in the same new jersey house, he HAS LOVED animals" etc. Monitor whilst ss complete exercise. Once the ss have completed let them peer check their answers. Then get feed back and write the correct answers on the board. 1. has lived 2. has loved 3. found 4. has found 5. had 6. had 7. have been 8. were 9. has never worried. 10. has been. 11. hasn't left.

Grammar focus (6-8 minutes) • Introduce 'for' and 'since'

Draw a simple timeline on the board. (past, now, future) Point out that since tells us when something started. Give the examples on the WB Iv lived in this town ........ 2009, The ss have been in this room ..... 25 minutes. Looking at the time line ask ss to decide whether the word should be for or since. repeat the correct answers.

'For' and 'since' game (5-7 minutes) • Ss understand how to use the for and since phrases

Tell ss we are going to play a game. Explain the rules " on one side of the room we will have for and on the other side we will have since. when I shout out the phrase decide where that fits in either for or since and run to the side you think is right". If you get an answer right that's one point. lets see who get the most points. Each ss remembers how many answers he got right. ICQs where do we go for since? Shout the phrases on the HO ex. 3 and after each phrase write the correct answer on the WB After the exercise tell the ss to copy the answers on the HO from the WB

checking meaning (4-5 minutes) • See if the ss understand the use of 'for' and 'since'

Use the examples for CCQs Today is Thursday. Joe has been in turkey since Sunday morning What was his first day in Turkey? (Sunday) what day is it today? (Thursday) How many days has Joe been in Turkey? (four days) Write the following sentence on the WB and ask ss to complete to get feedback Joe has been in turkey for .............(four days) Joe has been in Turkey since........ (Sunday)

Meaning and Use (5-7 minutes) • make sure the ss fully understand 'for' and 'since'

Explain to ss that we use 'for' to describe duration. for three years..months..minutes. for in the past simple is "I worked there for three years" for in the present perfect is "I've worked there for three years. present is still happening now whereas past has stopped. draw diagrams on the board. (refer to language analysis pg.). Ask CCQs for past and present. I worked, I have worked. I lived, l have lived. etc. Since is more commonly used with the present perfect. I've worked there since April. still happening now. Draw a time line. (refer to language analysis pg.)

Gap fill exercise (6-8 minutes) • Get ss to do an exercise using 'for' and 'since'

Chest the HO and ask ss to complete the gap fill exercise using 'for' and 'since' working in pairs monitor ss while they complete the exercise. Allow them to peer check and then elicit answers and write them on the WB End of lesson.

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