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Elementary level


In this lesson, students practise dialogue. Firstly, there is a short puppet show which includes the target language and concept of 'alone'. Next, the class is given a personality quiz which requires individual and partner/s assessments. This is followed by an open discussion format which requires opinion re the results of the questionnaire. Then, there is a drilling component which emphasises the importance of pronunciation and word/sentence stress. Finally, students will participate in a free speaking session in the form of a role play. This will require students to introduce themselves and invite others to an activity.


Abc Character Name Tags (self-made)
Abc Activity Picture Cards
Abc W/S - Quiz

Main Aims

  • To practise speaking for fluency in the context of dialogues.

Subsidiary Aims

  • to highlight the importance of pronunciation and stress for meaning and emphasis.
  • to practise the present simple tense in statement and question formats


Lead In / Warmer (3-5 minutes) • to demonstrate natural dialogue language and pace: to introduce the concept of 'alone'

T will demonstarte a short Puppet Show 'Narelle & Muffy". T will pose questions and the character Muffy will respond. T asks M to introduce himself and then invites him to a party. He states that he does not like people, likes to be alone, never attends parties, sometimes goes to restaurants and always goes for a walk 'alone'. CCQs - Does M like parties? Why/Why not? Does he like people? What does he like? Is he a people person? What is a people person? What does 'alone'mean?

Grammar Focus (2-3 minutes) • to teach adverbs of frequency in preparation for the forthcoming activity

T draws a timeline - 0% to 100%. Writes the following words on the board. 'Always','Sometimes', 'Usually' and 'Never'. Refers to Muffy Dialogue and asks Ss to complete.

Speaking - Interview / Discussion Activity (12-15 minutes) • to require Ss to provide personal viewpoints via previously taught lexis and functional language

T introduces a W/S titled 'Personality Quiz'. T advises that there are questions relating to various activities. T explains that there are two parts 1) answer question 1 with a tick or a cross 2) answer question 2 by adding up points. T advises students to complete in pairs and advises a 10 minute time limit ****ICQs - How many parts? What do you do? How long do you have to complete? Next, T opens a discussion forum. Allows approx 5 mins Do you agree / disagree with your results? Why / Why not? Can you give me examples? Do you like to be alone or with people?

Drilling (5-8 minutes) • to instil correct pronunciation and encourage word/sentence stress for emphasis

T refers to the activities listed in the Personality Quiz. Drilling - "Do you want to go............? Yes, sure!.............No, Sorry! Vary the versions - " Does he/she.....Do they......

Speaking - Role Play (8-10 minutes) • to combine TL/FL with correct pronunciation for conversation

T tells Ss that they are now at a party. T gives each student a character - name tag and invitation card. T advises Ss that they need to stand up and introduce themselves to other characters in the room and invite each other to an activity. T models an example with a student. "Hello, my name's John. How are you? Do you want to go for a coffee? Yes, sure! Where? OR No, Sorry, I'm busy! - T advises 10 min time limit - T tells students to speak to 2 or 3 different people

Wrap Up (2-4 minutes) • to practise responses

T asks random students / WC What does he/she want to do?Why? Do we like parties? YES!

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