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Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson, Ss will concentrate on Listening and Speaking skills. These skills will be taught by focusing on the "Virtual Revolution" that Internet brought to our lives.


Main Aims

  • To provide detailed listening practice using a video about the impact of Internet on our lives.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversational and discussion, in the context of the impact of "Internet" connected world.


Warmer/Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T mentions a brief history of Internet verbally from own experience. From the start of 1989 to 2014, in a matter of 25 years, Internet has brought unimaginable advances with the way we communicate, conduct business, entertain, access information and live. T will projects an image of various websites and give an example using a Google Search to demonstrate the incredible power of Internet.

Pair discussion (3-4 minutes) • To enable students to brain storm about their own choice of websites

T projects an image of the most commonly used websites and tell students his choice of three most used websites. T then ask students to discuss with their partner which websites they use most and why. Teacher monitors Ss by approaching them and getting involved with the reasoning of their choices. T asks Ss to provide F/B about their partners' website choice. Next, S pairs are swapped and this time in PW, Ss discuss how Internet affected their lives and how it changed the world in general. Ss share their ideas with W/C.

Pre Vocab and Language Analysis (6-7 minutes) • To provide vocabulary for the listening and speaking skill

Vocabulary that will be explained: 1. Creates wealth, 2. Challenge authority, 3. Spy/Censor, Censorship, 4. Web Addicts, 5. Opens up new realms of knowledge, 6. Pioneers, 7.Key players, 8.Censorship, 9. e-shopping. A sentence will be made using class feedback for each word.

Discussion Feedback (4-5 minutes) • To solidify the understanding of the vocabulary and prepare Ss for the listening and speaking skill

Students are shown the following sentences and asked to discuss if any of them were mentioned when they did the previous exercise. INTERNET 1. It creates wealth, 2. It allows us to challenge authority, 3. It allows authorities to spy and censor. 4. It has created a generation of web addicts. 5. It opens up new realms of knowledge. 6. It allowed the pioneers and key players in Technology to become powerful. It has made e-shopping possible. Any other ?

Quick Text Read (6-8 minutes) • Prepare students for the context of the next stage

Ss will read the text below and will be asked think about the answers to these questions: 1. What is it about ? 2. Who does the presenter speak to ? Text: "This BBC documentary looks at the revolutionary impact of the Internet. Dr. Aleks Krotoski tells the story of the Internet from its early days through to its most recent successes and innovations. She looks at the good and bad sides of the Internet revealing statistics that show how much we use it and how it has changed the world. The program also includes comments from some of the best-know Internet pioneers".

Video (6-7 minutes) • Reinforce listening and comprehnsion.

Ss are given cut out sentences and clarifies the meaning of some words (Blogs, Dating). Ss are told to arrange the sentences according to their order mentioned in while watching the video. Ss then watch the video. After video completes Ss check their results with their partners.

Extract match Exercise (5-6 minutes) • Detail Listening

Students are given a Handout according to 5A. They are asked to match the names to the corresponding extract from the video in pairs. They are allowed about 2-3 minutes for the task while T monitors their answers for any errors. Afterwards Ss are asked to check their results with the other pairs. Next the video is watched one more time to make sure they got the answers correctly.

Group Discussion (3-5 minutes) • Improve Speaking Skills

T gives students the following questions to discuss in Groups of three. 1. Do you think there are any negative sides of internet, is it all positive 2. What do you like best about the internet a. It helps us communicate b. It opens up new realms of knowledge c. It creates wealth d. Other ? 3. "The web is how mankind communicates nowadays" (Bill Gates). Do you agree? T then will ask each group to share their answers with class.

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