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families and children
beginner level


In this lesson, Ss learn about the alphabets through listening. Ss learn also about families and children by reading texts. The lesson begins with a listening part about the pronounciation and spelling of the letters of alphabets. this is followed by a reading part where Ss have to read and answer the questions.


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Main Aims

  • reading a text about families first for gist and then for detail

Subsidiary Aims

  • listening and pronouncing the letters of the alphabets.


lead in (3-5 minutes) • to set lesson context and engage students

T will introduce herself. speaking task: T will introduce the topic about alphabets. "our lesson is now about the letters of alphabets" (pointing the cards on the whiteboard). Reading task: T will introduce the topic about families' sizes. "now, we're done with the listning, so let's to some reading"

Pre-Listening / reading activity (10-12 minutes) • to activate Ss' existing knoweldge of the topic and to prepare them for the text and make it accessible.

pre-listening: Ss will play a game. T will hang up letters of alphabets on the board. T gives instructions : _stand up, face the board, and make 2 lines. (using gestures) _look at the cards on the board, I will say one letter out loud and the 2 first students will have to run and take it first. T will model it first. ICQs: how many letters i will say? one how many students should run and take it? the first two pre-reading/ pre-teach vocab: T will teach them new vocabulary about size ( small, big, and large) T will show them 3 pictures of families of different sizes. "what do you see in the pictures" "what is the difference between them?" T will explain the difference between the three words through the pictures.

Gist listening/redaing (10-12 minutes) • To provide students with less challenging gist and specific information reading/listening tasks

Gist Listening: T gives HO T gives instructions _look at ex1 "what do you see? alphabets 1st listening " listen to the alphabets carefully" 2nd listening "now, you listen again and repeat" T shows a paper of alphabets and their sound transcription T reads letter by letter and ask students to repeat after her. " I read the letter, you repeat" T picks a random letter and ask a student to pronounce it. T will focus on the difficult letters that are different from their L1, e.g. V,W,Q,R,K,G,J Gist Reading: T gives HO T gives instructions _T points to the texts 1st redaing: "read the texts and try to understand the general idea" " you have 3 mins" 2nd reading: " read the texts again and tell your partner the idea of the texts" " you have 3 mins " ICQs: how many texts? 3 how much time? 3 mins T discusses the texts with the Ss and explains the new words.

detailed listening/ reading for specific information (14-16 minutes) • To provide students with more challenging detailed, deduction and inference reading/listening tasks

Detailed listening: T points to the ex2 "what do you see?" - different objects T gives instructions -you listen again and you spell the words under the picture" ICQs: -what do you have to do ? listen aaand ? spell the words Ss will check in pairs the answers T will ask them to spell the word on the board " what is the answer of picture 1?" "spell it on the board" Reading for specific info: T will chest the exercise 2. T will ask Ss to read again the texts and answer the questions. "read the three texts again and try to answer these 6 questions " " you have 5 mins " ICQs : which exercise? 2 how much time? 5 mins T will ask them to check in pairs. T will write the answers on the board.

post activity (8-10 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity for more practice and participation in the class

Ss play a spelling game T explains the rules " i will give you 7 words and one partner will have to ask the other this question 'how do you spell...? and the other partner will have to spell the word for him/her". T gives instructions - sit in pairs and start ICQs : how many words? 7 what is the question you will ask to your partner? how do you spell...?

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