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Elementary level


Topic: Work problems Present simple (-) (?) Vocab: adjectives Listening part 2: When quetions Reading


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Main Aims

  • Context: Work problems

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading part 5-7
  • Listening part 2: When questions
  • To provide clarification of Work problems
  • To provide clarification, review and practice of Present simple negative + questions


Vocab (55-60 minutes)

Vocab 1: Negative problems Lead in: pictures Diagnostic test: Walking Matching ex (market leader p. 22) Test: Jigsaw listening (market leader p.23) Listenig task p. 26 (Market leader) Individual work: task vocab. p. 12 (market leader WB) Vocab 2: Positive problems Diagnostic test: drag the cards to the exercise (ML p. 23) Productive task: Task ML p.27 + useful language


Lead in : picture of clock, being late Pre teach: Gist: Task B (p.24) (ML) Present : Negative Practice: Individual work: MLWB p. 13 PW speaking using the same task above

Listening Part 2 • When questions

Discuss: possible questions Common answers: Matching ex from Hackers TOEIC start p. 103

Reading part 5 - 6

Part 6: Market leader WB p.15

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