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Do you like bananas?
Beginners level


In this lesson pupils revise food words through visuals and a song, express their likes and dislikes in terms of food and then learn to ask and answer questions "Do you like?", "Yes, I do./No, I don't."


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson ss will have practised asking and answering questions 'Do you like...? 'Yes, I do'/'No, I don't.' in the context of food preferences.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To revise food words.


Introduction (1-2 minutes) • To lead-in

T brings some realia (a sandwich) and elicits what it is and what is in it. Ss answer.

Vocab revision (4-4 minutes) • To recycle previously taught vocab and introduce 2-3 more words.

T chests a flashcard and elicits the word. Drill in different voice tones. Then ss get a flashcard each, say the word and express their feeling for it. ('yummy!' or 'yuck!' T demonstrates the activity.

Song activity (4-4 minutes) • To revise 'I like...'

Ss watch the video, listen to the song and then sing along. They practise a few time.Stick pictures on the board to help them memorize the lyrics.

Chant (9-10 minutes) • To introduce the TL - 'like' questions and answer

Ask ss to listen to the chant and say how many food words they heard. Play the CD. (track 25, CD 2) Ss listen to the track once and answer the question. Give ss the textbook, pg 41, ask them to listen and sing. Divide the glass into 3 groups: one who asks, one who answers yes and one who answers no. Teach actions for each group. Play the CD again again. Ss say the chant and do the actions. They then swap roles twice. T scripts the dialogue on the board so all ss can see it. Do you like yogurt? ice cream? Yes, I do. bananas? Do you like yogurt? ice cream? No, I don't. bananas?

Dialogue activity (9-10 minutes) • To practise asking and answering questions 'Do you like...?'

Ss gather round the T to see the colour pictures and they name the food they can see. Draw their attention to the ticks (like) and crosses (don't like). Squeak asks and Pip answers. Model a set with the finger puppets. Ask 2 ss to perform the dialogue using Pip and Squeak finger puppets. Then divide the class into 2 groups (Pip and Squeak) and ask them to say the dialogue. Then they swap. Finally put ss in pairs and ask them to complete the table for themselves and their partner. Draw their attention to the word 'me' and also ask them to use the TL. Model with yourself first. Then invite a child to be your partner and model 2 questions and get 2 answers From the respective child. Ask ICQ. Is this for your partner? No. Is this for you? Yes. Is this for you? No. Who is your partner? What do you ask? Ss get in pairs and ask and answer questions to complete the table for them and their partner.

Asking and answering questions (8-8 minutes) • To get ss to use the TL.

Get ss in a circle and give them a mini flashcard. Explain they have to ask Do you like...? and the next s answers if he/she likes it or not then takes the card and asks the next s. After 3 or 4 ss have asked and answered, introduce the next card. Do this with 3-4 mini flashcards. Then give ss a mini flashcard each and instruct them to ask the next child whether he/she likes that food or not. The next s answers and then asks about the food on his/her flashcard a.s.o. until all ss have asked and answered a question. Instruct them to use mime and feelings when they answer the questions. Ss get their mini flashcards and do the activity.

Ending the lesson (1-2 minutes) • To say goodbye to the children and conclude the lesson.

Sing a few lines of the "I like" song changing the words. Thank the ss for their participation and end the lesson.

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