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there ıs/there are-speaking fluency
Beginner A1 level


Main Aims

  • To clarify and practice ''there is/there are'' in the context of Streets and Neighborhoods

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking for fluency


Warmer • To see if the ss are familiar with the words:car,taxi,church,house,people,shop,mosque,flat,tree,bicycle,street

Show visuals with photos of the words and get the ss to guess them

Vocabulary • To teach and have ss repeat the given words,to give singular and plural examples of the words

Pg.22/1a-Read the words in the box and check that learners can say them.Ask which photos they are in,using the photos to represent them. 1a-Ask learners to give the singular and plural forms of all the words in 1 a. Focus on the word people(=men,women,boys or girls).Emphasize;one person,two people c-Pronunciation;play recording 1.45 and practise saying the plural forms.

Grammar • To check that learners understand the meaning of there's and there are

2.a-Play recording 1.46 and make ss match the sentences with photos.Check that Ss understand the meaning of There's /there are.Give other simple examples;In this room there's a door,there are desks,there's a window,there are people,there's a computer... Focus on the stress,and the reduced vowel sounds in 'these' and 'there'. b-Practice of 'there's/'.there are'.Ss make sentences using there is/there are. Present 'lots of' by showing people in the room'Lots of students','lots of desks','lots of cars outside',,'lots of apartments'.

Speaking and Writing • Practice making sentences

4 a-Ask Ss if the Street outside in 4.Levent is busy/quiet/noisy? Ask 'There are ....what? (cars) Ask;What else?(lots of shops,taxis,apartments,cafes,restaurants,people) b-Writing Ask Ss to write sentences about their own Street.As they do this,go around and check. Let Ss tell their partner about their street.Go around monitoring. Round-up-Ask a few Ss to tell the class about their street.

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