Brett Brett

Things in your bag
A1 (Beginner) level


This lesson will introduce students to alphabet, proper pronunciation, and the concepts of vowels, consonants and nouns. Students will learn how to ask for the spelling of another student's name. Students will be able to identify things in their bag with the proper use of "a" and "an".


Abc Copies of textbook exercises

Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in vocabulary of classroom objects, and the use of the indefinite article - a/an.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Personal Question review, listening and speaking.


Intro Alphabet (4-5 minutes) • Pronunciation, understand vowels

Play the CD (1.16) two times. Have students write letters down from memory. When they are finished check their answers by eliciting students and writing it on the board as they say them. Letters will have two colors - blue for consonants and pink for vowels. Two students will be selected to come up to the board and write their name. I will then ask them to circle the vowels.

Exercise 3 (5-6 minutes) • Be able to match dialog.

Pass out the copies of the textbook exercises. Ask students to look at the the picture next to exercise 3. "Who is the teacher?" (Kate) "Who is the student?" (Pedro) "Please do ex.3 - match the letters with the numbers. Play the recording to check the answers. They will then be drilled on thank you and welcome.

Exercise 4 (3-4 minutes) • Listen and write

Recording (1.18) is played. Students listen and write the names. This is played two times. Students will compare their answers. A volunteer will write the answers on the board as a means of checking. 1) Magda Janowska 2) Hasan Yousef

Exercise 5 (5-6 minutes) • Pronunciation + drill

Play (1.19) and go over pronunciation in detail, repeating often. Now have them stand up and tell them to write the names of three students (first name and surname) using the questions they just learned. I will monitor them and correct any spelling errors they make. Once they are finished I will ask two students for the first/surnames of people and spell it if they are comfortable.

Exercise 6 (5-6 minutes) • Vocab introduction

Visual aids will be used to drill vocabulary. I will hold up each item and ask them to repeat. Perhaps ask them if they have such an item in their bag. With the vocab learned they should then be able to complete exercise 6.

Exercise 7 (6-7 minutes) • Practice Vocab

In pairs students will play a game where they say a number and identify the item (noun). This game will first be demonstrated by the instructor and another guest teacher to provide an example.

Exercise 7 (6-7 minutes) • Explain nouns

Explain that each vocabulary word is a noun. Colors will be used to point out how the beginning of nouns (articles) are determined.

Exercise 9 (6-7 minutes) • Assesment

Students will complete exercise nine with no help. Once complete or semi-complete students will then be handed the A/An Handout and told to raise the correct article to the corresponding question.

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