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TP 6
Pre Intermediate level


In this lesson ss learn the functional language used for inviting and making arrangements. TL is "Are you doing anything on, what time, would you like to, and let's meet at." Lead-in will introduce ss to LP with a meme and two questions meant to make ss comfortable and easily engaged in discussion. "When was the last party you went to? & Who invited you?" Then ss will do a gist task individually where they review 3 questions before listening to audio. Then ss will complete a more intensive task asking them to choose the right language for specific conversations with clear samples of TL. Then ss will review MFP through elicitation and drill exercises, followed by a 10 minute controlled practice task. This task will have students fill in the blank in while working with a partner. Lastly, ss will engage in a communicative task that has them interview each other for 8 minutes and the share their discoveries with the class afterwards. TT will address and issues in DEC to wrap up the lesson.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of language used for inviting and making arrangements

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a inviting and making arrangements in the context of of getting to know someone.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

SS will be engaged on the first slide with a meme that makes a joke about making plans. Tt thinks the meme is effective, but worries some meaning may be lost on some ss, but wants to try it out anyway. SS will engage in discussion with the questions: "When was the last party you went to?: and "Who invited you?" through typing into the group chat. TT will engage in discussion as needed

Text-work (9-10 minutes) • To expose learners to target language.

SS will review a Google form (https://forms.gle/p2dcNHSGwvLu2uyCA) to familiarize themselves with what to listen to in an audio conversation (2:21) TT will play audio for class and give students 1 minute to complete the Google form. The form has these three questions: When are Carol and Matt having people round for dinner? Can Juliet and Ben come for dinner? What do Matt and Ben arrange to do? TT will elicit answers from SS SS will correct each other when necessary. SS will then complete a second Google form in pairs in breakout rooms. This form narrows down the TL and has SS choose the correct language for a situation. Invite someone to do something A: Are you doing anything on... or B: Let's meet at... Arrange a time and place A: Are you doing anything on... or B: Let's meet at... Invite someone to do something A: What time... B: Would you like to... Arrange a time and place A: What time... B: Would you like to... SS will then review answers briefly in OCD SS will correct each other when necessary

Language Clarification (4-5 minutes) • Cover Meaning, Appropriacy, Form, and Pronunciation

SS will match the TL to the correct definition. TL: Are you doing anything on What time Would you like to Let’s meet at Definitions: Inviting someone to do something. Making arrangements with someone. SS will do drill exercises of target language, repeating after TT, while noting emphasis on pronunciation. TT will elicit SS to identify if the phrases are Formal, informal, neutral.

Controlled Practice (8-10 minutes) • To provide controlled practice of target language.

SS will complete a Google form in pairs. 7 minutes Google form: https://forms.gle/Y5BcybZDgX74n53Q7 Task has ss complete four sentences by filling in the blank with the correct phrase. #1 Sarah: Hi, Doug. How are you? Doug: I'm fine. _____________ on Tuesday? #2 Sarah: I don't think so. Why? Doug: _________ go out for a meal? #3 Sarah: Yes, I'd love to. _________ shall we meet? Doug: How about seven? #4 Sarah: Yes, that's fine. Where would you like to go? Doug: _________ that new restaurant near your job. SS will review answers in OCF SS will correct each other when needed.

Freer Practice (12-13 minutes) • To allow students to use the target language fluently.

SS will be put back into pairs, but with different partners. SS will interview each other with the following four questions: What time do you like to eat dinner? Where is your favorite place to meet for lunch? Would you like to eat sushi sometime? What are you doing next weekend? 10 minutes SS will share their discoveries in OCF with TT calling out names and asking what they learned of their partner.

Delayed Error correction (1-2 minutes) • To correct any mistakes noticed during the lesson

TT will address any errors noticed throughout the lesson

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