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Beginner level


Family vocab


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Main Aims

  • Family vocab

Subsidiary Aims

  • Reading, speaking


Lead-in/My Family (6-8 minutes) • Solution: Will listen for confusion during pair and small group work. Will give pronunciation support when needed. If a lot of Ss are struggling will work on it wc.

Prep: - prepare personal photos of your family - draw a medium-sized tree in one corner of the wb Steps: 1. Pick out photo of yourself and and hold up to the classroom and ask, “Who’s is this?” 2. After Ss correctly identify you, fix your image to the trunk of the tree 3. Next hold up the pictures of your parents, "who are they?" 4. Continue to grandparents, sisters, brothers, (children, spouse) 5. Listen for familiarity 6. Answer questions Ss might have 8. Stick photos on board around the tree

Stage 1a/Family Reading Ex. (6-8 minutes) • To provide an opportunity Ss to read and comprehend

Steps: 1. Pass around half-sheet with pictures and captions 2. Demonstrate- tell Ss to read quickly- give them two minutes 3. Hand out questions 4. Demonstrate- Ask one St (from center) question 1 5. Have one St ask another St (from sides) question 2 5. Rpt step four

Stage 1b: Pair Reading (8-10 minutes) • Give another opportunity for Ss to read and comprehend. Pair work will allow them to practice speaking as well.

Steps: 1. Instruct class to read the captions under the photos 2. Split Ss into pairs 3. Tell Ss to read and answer the questions 4. ICQ- speaking? yes! writing? no. 5. Give Ss 5-6 mins to discuss questions 6. Bring class back together and review answers

Stage 2: Matching vocab (8-10 minutes) • Ss will identify which family words mean woman, man, or both.

Steps: 1. Divide class into three groups. Count 1, 2, 3 2. Have Ss find their groups 3. Draw table on wb with a woman, a man, and both- write questions: Is this a man? Is this a woman? Is this both? 4. Fix strips of paper on board with words of family members 5. Have students read the strips of paper 6. Picking up 'wife' Demo- Is 'wife' a woman or a man?- motion to each category 7. Demo- Is 'grandfather' is a woman or a man? 8. Demo- Are 'parents' woman, man, or both 9. Pass out strips 10. Instruct students to divide words up according to woman/man/both- in groups, decide if this is a woman, or a man, or both 11. ICQ- are we writing? no! 12. Give them 5mins to do this 13. Demo- ask a Ss come up to the board and put one strip in a category 14. Rpt. 15. Invite Ss to come until all the strips are under a category 16. Leave up on board, so they can use as a reference

Stage 4/Family Tree (5-8 minutes) • Students will apply vocabulary to their own family trees

Steps: 1. Point to my family tree and demonstrate the parts. 2. Pass around blank family trees for them to fill in 3. Instruct Ss to fill in their family trees with their information 4. Give them 5mins to do this

Stage 5/Family discussion (5-8 minutes) • Ss will talk about members of their families

1. Write on the board- "Where is your father from?" "What does your brother/sister do? "What is your grandmother's name?" 2. Get Ss to ask me questions 3. Demonstrate using my family tree 3. Partner them off 4. ICQ- are we asking these questions?

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