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False Beginners level


Abc Footprints 1 Activity Book p.29
Abc Strips of paper with questions about the story
Abc Footprints CD1
Abc Pip and Squeak fingerpuppets
Abc White board and board marker
Abc Footprints CD2

Main Aims

  • practice listening and reading for specific information, pratice using the form HAVE GOT

Subsidiary Aims

  • The children will be able to practice their pronunciation and fluency skills while acting out the story


Stage 1 Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Show children enlarged Picture of the last story they acted out. Elicit from ss what they remember about the story and the characters Point to the characters and let children tell you their names. Then recap on the previous episode of the story: Alex Katie, Pip and Squeak look for Pinocchio. Katie is tired. Alex is hungry. Pip and Squeak are scared. They see Pinocchio with a man. P. is sad. The man gives him a nose, arms legs. Pinocchio is happy. He gives Alex, Katie, Pip and Squeak the next treasure clue. Ask: What was the clue? SS answer: Follow the footprints, find Jack and the beanstalks. Show children the enlarged Picture of Jack and the beanstalk, also Show them a bean, so they know what the beanstalk is. Tell children that in this story Alex,Katie Pip and Squeak are going to follow the footprints to find Jack and the beanstalks.

Stage 2 Listen to the story and answer 3 questions about it (8-10 minutes) • Listening and reading for specific information

Tell children that in this story Alex,Katie Pip and Squeak are going to follow the footprints to find Jack and the beanstalks. Before you play the track, ask some questions to clarify meaning and encourage children to make some prediction by asking them the following questions: 1)Who is at the top of the beanstalk? 2)Where is the next treasure clue? 3)Who gets the treasure clue Say: ''Now listen to the story and find out.'' Play the CD (CD 2, track 4) and the ss follow in their photocopies. Ask the three questions again (see above). Answers: 1) a castle and a hungry giant 2) it's in the giant's pocket Play cd for second time, stop after each sentence let children repeat after each line.

Stage 3 Answering specific questions about the story in the context of a game (8-10 minutes) • Reading for specific information

Divide ss into two groups. Give each group strips of paper with the following questions on them: Group 1 What's the boys name? (Jack) What's at the top of the beanstalk? (A castle and a hungry giant What's Jack got? (a coat) What's Squeak got? (a jumper) Were's the giant's hat? (ss point to it in the photocopy) What's in the giant's pocket? (the treasure clue) Who gets the clue? (Jack) Group 2 Where is the beanstalk? (ss poin to it in the photocopy) Is it cold? (yes) Wha't Pip got? (socks) What's Katie got? (gloves) Where are the giant's shoes? (ss point to it) What does the giant say? (''I smell a girl/ a boy...) What does Jack give the children? (the next treasure clue) Each student gets a strip of paper with a question related to the story. They take turns in asking the other group a questions. They only have 3 seconds to answer the question. At the end of the game, if deemed necessary go through all questions again to clarify.

Stage 4 Act out the story (18-20 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice speaking and pronunciation skills

Call all ss to the front. Tell them : ''We are going to act out the story'' While saying that hand out role cards (or characters on sticks with the names of the characters on them) Make ss know what their roles are (there will be 2-3 students acting out one character, make sure they understand this by asking them ''Who are you?'' s: 'Jack'', t: ''And who are you?'' s: ''I'm Jack too'' etc Ss act out the story, t helps ss with pronounciation and intonation in the first run. Remind them not to forget the acting part, ask them: ''You are the giant. Are you going to speak in a big or small voice?'' S: ''Big voice.''

Fun game for the last 5 minutes (8-10 minutes) • To relax the students and release them home in a happy mood

Ss make a circle and play throw the ball to a s of their choice while throwing, they have to make a sentence using ''I've got a red jumper/ blue socks/ pink coat'' Demonstrate the game before you start playing.

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