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World of Work and technology
beginner A1 level


In this lesson I am going to introduce the world of work and technology. I am going to teach the Present simple negative. Students are going to practice the language with speaking exercises.


Abc Straight Forward Beginner SsBk
Abc Present simple negative HO

Main Aims

  • Present Simple Negative

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking And Listening


Instruction (5 minutes) • review technology vocabulary.

Teacher will go over the vocabulary words once again before start to teach the listening exercise.

Listening (10 minutes) • Practice vocabulary

Students are going to listen track 1.77 and do exercise 1. They need to tick the words they hear in the box. Students can check their answers in pairs. Exercise2 students are going to read a sentence first and listen to a recording again and decide whether the sentence is true or false. Students can check their answers in pairs.

Lead-in (10 minutes) • Present Simple Negative

Teacher writes a sentence on the WB and asks students to read it. Then She explains that this is a positive sentence and what words do you need to use to make it a negative sentence. I have an e-mail address. I don’t have an e- mail address. She doesn’t have an e-mail address. Teacher explains on the board when to use “don’t” and “doesn’t” by using the charts.

Work on the HO (10 minutes) • Practice Present simple negative

Students are going to work on Grammar exercise 1. They are going to complete the sentences with the verb in the correct form and then check their answers in pairs. Exercise 2 students are going to work in pairs and they are going to decide which sentence is true and which one is false. Then students are going to write false sentence in negative forms. Students can read their sentence at the end.

Freer activity (10 minutes) • Speaking

First students are going to fill in the blanks and then they will walk around the classroom and check their answers with their friends.

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