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Teaching Practice 5
Intermediate level


In this lesson, sts learn making and responding to complaints. The lesson starts with asking sts a few questions linking to the previous lesson's listening. After that sts listen for detail and do fill the gaps activity. The listening is followed by 2 controlled tasks that get sts familiar with TL. Finally thereis a freer role play taks, that gives sts an opportunity to practice TL.


Abc Gap fill, matching sentences, mixed dialogue, roleplay cards

Main Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in the context of making and responding to complaints

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide detailed listening in the context of making complaints


Lead-in (4-5 minutes) • to remind the sts context of the lesson

As a lead-in teacher asks sts what they can remember from the conversations they listened to at the previous lesson. Questions: What was the problem in the first conversation? Answer: office expenses, high phone bills as employees use company phone for personal calls. Who talked? Derek the employee and Camilla the boss Conversation2. Who talked? Two employees Derek and Dave What were they talking about? About camilla's complaint. Conversation 3 Who talked: Dave and a woman from customer service. What was his problem? His phone doesn't work.

Focus on listening (12-16 minutes) • to listen for specific information;

Sts are given HOs with extracts from the listening. Some of the lexis is missing from the sentences. Sts have to fill in the gaps. if its's needed, the listening will be played twice. Sts work individually. Then they check their answers in pairs. FB: peer check, after that sts are given the answer key.

post listening controlled activity (7-10 minutes) • to convey the meaning of the TL

Sts are given HOs and asked to work in pairs and match the sentences from the previous task and some extra sentences with the four groups a) explaining the problem b) saying what you want c) expressing dissatisfaction d) responding to a complaint. FB: peer check, WC check, then sts receive the answer key

Functional language controlled task (5-7 minutes) • to give sts an example before the freer, productive task

This activity is performed if the listening won't be played twice and there will be enough time. Sts work in groups of 3 . They are given mixed sentences from a dialogue and they have to put them in order. FB: Answer Key

Speaking, role play (12-15 minutes) • to provide freer speaking practice

Sts are divided into 3 groups (6sts in a group) they receive 3 different roleplays. They work in pairs. Each pair has to prepare and act out their conversation. FB: noting the mistakes while monitoring, after the task has finished error correction with the WC on the board. If neccessery FB while assisting.

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