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English File unit 3 , Pretty woman , adjectives
Elementary level


In this lesson, students learn about the use adjectives in a correct way. They will be introduced to the American culture as well. They starts with a discussion about how they can describe their colleagues, then an activity to guess who in the pictures as a warm-up. This is followed by new vocabularies about "feelings" and listening how to pronounce it. Finally, there are some controlled practices and free practice as a speaking activity.


Abc PPT, handout, the White board, markers.
Abc PPT, handout, the White board, marker, Students' Book
Abc PPT, handout, the White board, markers.
Abc PPT, handout, the White board, markers.
Abc PPT, handout, the White board, markers.

Main Aims

  • To practice common adjectives in the context of a quiz about the USA.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a conversation in the context of a quiz about countries.


Warmer and lead in (3-5 minutes) • To activate their schema and generate interest about culture( the topic of the first quiz ).

The teacher presents the word " Egypt " on the board and asks the students what is typically Egyptian. The students tell things that are typically Egyptian such as; The Nile river, Giza pyramids, Koshary, the high dam and the Egyptian pound. Then the teacher asks the students to work in pairs to write down what is typically American. The teacher checks their answers and then he gives his list. Some of the items might guide the students in doing the quiz.

Stage 1: Test (3-5 minutes) • To enables the teacher to identify the specific needs of learners concerning a language area and addresses these needs suitably.

The teacher asks the students to individually do the quiz about the American culture and he sets the time.

Teach (3-5 minutes) • To clarify aspects of the TL that students don't know.

The teacher presents the vocabulary he found the students struggling with while doing the quiz. ( some of the challenging words were anticipated before hand ). He does this through following the ECDW framework. He elicits the meaning of the new vocabulary from the students through descriptions, definitions, providing antonyms or synonyms. Then he checks their understanding of the concept by. After that he drills asking the students to repeat individually and in chorus. Finally he writes the word on the white board or presents it on the PPT.

Test (2-3 minutes) • To check that the students have improved in their knowledge of the TL and give them an opportunity to use the new TL.

The teacher asks the students to take the test again and he sets the time( should be shorter than the first time.

Feedback (2-3 minutes) • To praise good use of TL and to correct errors in the TL use.

The teacher goes through the quiz and checks their answers quickly. He might ask questions to give them a hint for the correct answers, if there are still any.

Follow up (3-6 minutes) • To enable learners to develop their oral fluency.

The teachers asks the students to ask and answer questions in a form of a dialogue about the American culture.

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