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Use of "Can I......?"
Beginner level


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of using "Can I............?" in the context of travel

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a coversation in the context of General


Lead in (2-3 minutes) • Introduce "Can I..........?" to students

- teacher tells the students about what he can do when he goes to the vegetables market (buy fruits, meat,...etc). - teacher write " I can....."

Introduce the target language (5-7 minutes) • Make student able to understand the meaning and use of " Can I.............?"

- teacher writes the following question on the board: What do you do when you go to a fuel station/ cafeteria/ supermarket/ Alshamel? - teacher asks a student the above question. - teacher writes the students' answers. - teacher asks students the question form of " I can...." - teacher writes the students answer on the WB.

Pre-read vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • Make students familiar with the meaning of the new vocabulary

- teacher shows students photos of a chemist, clothes shop, railway station, a post office cafe', and the Saudi airlines office - teacher asks the students about the names of these places. -teacher write the names of the places on the board. - teacher asks the students: What do we do in those places? (buy a flight ticket, buy hot or cold drinks/ by a T- Shirt, buy medicine, send letters)

Places I go and things I do (7-10 minutes) • Students match pictures with names of places

- teacher asks the students to open page 54 and do exercise 1 (match places with activities) -teacher monitor students and provides help with the meaning of words if needed. teacher asks students to work in pairs to check their answers. -teacher gets the students feedback.

Listen for details (5-7 minutes) • Make students familiar with different contexts

- teacher tells he students that hey are going to listen to Iveta who is in different places. - teacher asks students to listen and do exercise 2, page 55. (If the script is difficult for the students to follow, teacher breaks it down) - teacher asks students to work in pairs and check their answers. -teacher gets the students feedback.

Different conversations (7-10 minutes) • Make students familiar with the use of "Can I....."

- teacher shows the photos of the railway station, clothes shop, post office, cafe, and the chemist's to the students again and ask them What are these places? - teacher asks students to complete the conversations in exercise 3, SB, page 55. - teacher ask students to listen and check their answers. - teacher gets the students feedback. -teacher elicits the grammatical form. _teacher uses time-line to clarify the structure.

Roleplay (5-10 minutes) • Practice speaking for accuracy and fluency

- teacher asks the students to practice the conversations on page 55 using different information: * a single ticket to Riyadh, Jeddah...etc * this Shimagh/ ugal...etc * this letter to Algaseem/ Khartoum.....etc * falafil sandwich/ burger with cheese...etc * shampoo/ panadol/ aspirin....etc - teacher monitors students and take notes for error correction

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