Teaching Practice 4
Beginner level


In this lesson the students practice vocabulary that is related to the topic of My free time. The session has the language practice shape. Keywords are taught, instructions are given and finally a game activity is carried out. Finally the feedback is checked through eliciting the answers.


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Main Aims

  • LF: Vocab revision. Students are taught some keywords which come to use when practicing their vocabulary through playing the game activity provided by this lesson.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Skills: Speaking. Students practice their vocabulary mostly through speaking. The game activity provides a chance for them to interact and communicate using the right language.


Warmer (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the idea of revising material and getting the students to think about the context

- A number of pictures are shown on the board. The students need to decide whether the activities in the pictures are free time activity or not. - After a short time given for discussing, students are asked to go to the board and draw a check mark or a cross underneath each picture depending on whether they think the activity is a free time activity or not. - If there are any mistakes they will be addressed but if not only the answer for the last two pictures are going to be elicited and explained why.

Keywords (6-8 minutes) • Highlighting the target language. Making sure the students know the required vocabulary for the following activity.

- Elicit the meaning through conveying the meaning. - Then clarify the meaning through CCQs or other means. - Drill the pronunciation. - Write the word down and mark the stress point

Board game activity (25-30 minutes) • To use the new vocabulary through speaking and interacting within the game.

- Give a clear instruction of the game itself. - Tell them to ask you any questions regarding the game or if non of them can answer a question. - Tell them to notify you once they finish. - Give them the handout and then monitor. - If a student finished the game ask them to write the answers to all of the squares on a paper as others are playing. If there are other students in the same position they should work together to find the answers. - If all are done ask them to write the answers on the board for feedback.

Extras (5-10 minutes) • For the students who have finished their task

- Ask the students who have finished the game to talk to each other about the given subjects.

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