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Canada TP1
Elementary level


Abc Pg. 25 Ex.5
Abc Pg. 55 Ex.1
Abc Pg. 73 Ex. 3

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of Past Simple in the context of Holiday travel and weather

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss practice in speaking for accuracy and fluency.
  • Anticipated Problems and Solutions: Students may have problems listening and lack confidence speaking freely in the last practice.
  • Personal Aim- Smooth transition, Graded language, and taking appropraite time on each part of lesson-don't rush
  • Class Profile: Volunteer students at elementary level.
  • Timetable fit: Second lesson of the course with varying degrees of 'elementary' ability (up to lesson 5).


Lead-In (5-5 minutes) • Introduce subject

Using a picture as a prompt, the teacher engages the students in a series of guesses about where we were for vacation and about the weather. Students volunteer what they do on vacation. Where they have been in PAIRS.

Meaning (5-7 minutes) • Introduce meaning TL

On the board teacher will write a chart with I, You, He, We, You, They and the past simple version of to be. Our Holiday was lovely. We were in Spain. It wasn’t very hot. The restaurants weren’t open. Teacher draws a timeline with 2014, 2015 and Spain written on it. CCQs Are we in Spain now? NO Are we going tomorrow? NO Did we go in 2014? YES We WERE in Spain.

Initial Practice - Form (5-5 minutes) • Form

In pairs, students will correct mistakes in sentences in wkbk in the exercise 5 on p. 25 Teacher is monitoring.

Feedback (3-5 minutes) • Feedback

Students will report back to the teacher the answers.

Further Form Practice (5-7 minutes) • Form

Finger drills and gradually adding on parts of the previous example sentences while drilling. Pronunciation issues will be addressed during the drilling. Our Holiday was lovely. We were in Spain. It wasn’t very hot. The restaurants weren’t open.

Controlled Practice (5-5 minutes) • Students will begin to respond in full sentences

Exercise 1 Perform in pairs. Papers are scattered on empty tables making students move and change partners. Teacher is monitoring.

Feedback (2-3 minutes) • Feedback

Students report back to teacher the answers.

Individual Practice for Free Practice (5-5 minutes) • Students to gain confidence and practice TL

Individually, the students will unscramble the sentences. Exercise 3: p.73 Find our the questions (unscramble). Teacher is monitoring.

Roll-Play (3-5 minutes) • Give students see practice/example for each question (and check their questions).

Student volunteer and teacher will ask questions and student will give the answer in front of the class. Where were you on holiday? Who were you with? What was the weather like? Was it a good holiday? What were the people like? How long were you there?

Free Practice (10-10 minutes) • Students will feel confident to ask and respond to questions concerning their vacation in the past simple tense

Exercise 3: p.73 Unscrambled questions will be asked and answered as students mingle. Teacher monitors and participates in the conversations.

Final Feedback and Corrections- (2-5 minutes) • Provide feedback to what the teacher hears during the free practices

Teacher highlights/writes on the board a few sentences that she heard during the Free and Free-er practices. Students volunteer the corrections and teacher confirms. If time allows because students will also be given feedback in other parts of the lesson

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