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Worst case scenarios.
Upper-Intermediate, B2 level


In this lesson students learn how to improve their reading and speaking skills.The lesson stars with a pictures presenation related to the main title; Worst case scenarios. Later on Ss will answer questions by following given list of words used in a text which they will read after that. Ss will read the text and then they will be asked to answer some questions and to open a dicsussion.


Abc Module 6, p.62 (New Cutting Edge, Up-Int. Course Book)
Abc Module 6, p.63 (New Cutting Edge, Up-Int. Course Book)
Abc Pictures - Module 3, p.62, 63 (New Cutting Edge, Up-Int. Course Book)
Abc HO-prepared by teacher
Abc WB, projector

Main Aims

  • To give Ss practice in the integrated skills of reading for gist and speaking fluency in the context of worse case scenarios.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To introduce related vocabulary.


Stage 1 (Warm-up) (2-5 minutes) • Introduce the context of the lesson and involve them into the activities.

-show the Ss pictures and ask what can they see in each picture. -work as a group trying to get as much ideas as you can by pretending you can not see the pictures so they can describe it in a detailed way.

Stage 2 (Lead -in) (2-5 minutes) • To give guidance about main idea of the text.

-put Ss into pairs and ask them to read the titles, then answer the two questions from ex. 1p.62 -For this activity students have a few minutes and check the answers together with group. a). Which text do you think the items inthe box relate to? b). Do you think they are useful or dangerous in that situation?

Stage 3 (Presentation) (2-6 minutes) • To focus on some familiar and new vocabulary.

-In pairs get the Ss to write a list for each situation from the box in ex 2 p. 62 without reading text. -explain new vocabulary using examples remember about pronunciation. Do you know what to do in these circumstances? In groups, make a list of ideas.

Stage 4 (Reading for a gist) (2-10 minutes) • Present the main idea.

- give Ss time to read the text and ask them to discuss the questions from ex. 3 p.62 -monitor and help if necessary. Which ideas on your list were correct? Were you surprised by any of the advice?

Stage 5 (Controlled practice) (3-7 minutes) • To use the context to guess the meaning of the words.

-put Ss in pairs to try to guess the meaning of the words in ex. 4 p. 62 -go through the answers as a class.

Stage 6 (Free practice/Speaking) (3-8 minutes) • To check the feedback of the lesson.

-put Ss in pairs and ask them to answer as many questions as they can. Then ask Ss to read the text again to check their answers. ex. 5 p.62 -monitor and help if necessary.

Stage 7 (Wrap up) (3-6 minutes) • Produce with the language elements learned material.

-put Ss in groups. Tell them to discuss the questions in ex. 6 p. 62 -finally elicit answers from each group for the questions.

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