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Future plans vocabulary


In this lesson students will learn about future time vocabulary . they will get to know vocabulary that expresses future plans and life changes and they will be provided the chance to talk about thei future plans by using different materials .


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Main Aims

  • To provide specific information listening about Life changes in the context of Future plans

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of the vocabulary in the context of Life changes


Warmer/Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • to engage the students into the context

I will a start a discussion with the students where i will tell them about my last night (eg. i went to the cinema last night ) , and i will ask them like: now i want you to ask each other what did you do last night ? after giving students enough time to discuss i will tell them again , tonight i'm going to celebrate now i want you to ask each other about tonight's plans (eg. tell each other what are going to do tonight ) then i will ask few of them to tell me about his friend's tonight's plan (whats your friend's plan for tonight ? what is he going to do ?.

Eliciting (6-8 minutes) • Try to elicite the news vocabulary from the students to see if they have any previous knowledge about them

First i will try to elicite the vocabulary from the students eg.( ______ a house or a flat ) i will ask them can you tell me which verb can go in this sentence then i will introduce the first exercise for them, an exercise where they have to fill-in the blanks with the verbs given , they have two sentences in each column and they have to choose one verb for each , i will ask them to work in pairs , then i after that i will ask them to check their answers in pairs , after that we can check the answers together .

Phrases with have , watch , go and go to (7-10 minutes) • To provide the students with an opportunity to practise some speaking while doing some practice on a new vocabulary

I will ask the students to do a matching exercise , where they will match words or phrases to the correct verbs . I will start by giving the students an example like we have at the beginning of the exercise I will write the sentence on the board ( dinner with friends ) and then I will ask the students to tell me which verb can go with this sentence , I will try to get some answers after that I will hand them the Ho to start the exercise , and I will ask them to work in pairs , after that i will ask them to check their answers , then I will ask to tell me the answers to see if its correct or not , so all the students can correct their mistakes if they made any .

Board Game (5-10 minutes) • To provide with an opportunity to respond and expand on what they've learned

As in my previous lesson , I had a Board game for the students but I didn't have enough time to do it with the students , so I brought another one when they can talk about their future plans by picking one of the charts and start talking about it eg.( we have the word " tomorrow " ) so the students will pick the word tomorrow and he will start to talk about his plan for tomorrow , what is he going to do tomorrow , after that another student will pick another one and starts to talk about it , I will give each group one handout and I will let them talk as they don't usually have chance to practice some speaking

Song (6-12 minutes) • To provide some practice for the students of some future expressions

As it is our last teaching practice , i want to make the students feel more comfortable , relaxed and prepared for the new lessons . In this song's lyrics , i noticed the use of the future tense , so i deleted some parts of the sentences so i can tell the students to fill_in the blanks with the right words while listenning to the song (eg. i will die for you , ________ die for you ) this song will be an openning for marc's and hooman's lesson , where they will use the future expressions. this will help the students to get an idea about the next lessons , in order to make it easier for them .

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