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present simple, do you ....
starter level


In this lesson, students will learn to say how they spend their time and what they do in their free time and to ask questions about how others spend their time


Abc audio 1.73, HO , teacher made HO

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of present simple ,do you....? in the context of what do you do in your free time?

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of do you...? in the context of free time


lead in (5-6 minutes) • To test the students' understanding of target language and to allow them speak using target language

show students the pictures on page 34 and ask where the people are (in a cafe). Point out that the bubbles are answers to questions. Ask learners what they think each conversation is about. Ask ss to guess what the questions are; if they guess the first question correctly move on to the second picture and if not, tell them that they will listen to the conversations of each of the picture and they should write down the questions to the answers play audio 1.73 pausing after each conversation ask learners what the questions write them on board 1. do you watch football? 2. do you speak Spanish? 3. do you live near here? 4. do you have children?

Clarification stage (5-10 minutes) • To show Ss how we add do you to make questions

Write I WATCH FOOTBALL on the board ask students what the question is DO YOU WATCH FOOTBALL? Point out that when we ask a question we replace 'do you' with 'I' eg I watch football........ Do you watch football? write 'I like coffee', 'we live in Turkey' on the board and students should say the questions Focus on the pronunciation of 'do you live'......? /dju liv/ do choral drilling and individual drilling for correct pronunciation

Practice of Do you (5-6 minutes) • To give students chance to speak using target language

write ........ tv? on board ask ss what the question is, they should be able to say 'do you watch tv?' the teacher answers the question tells the learners that they will ask and answer the questions with their partners. pair ss and give HO the teacher should monitor and correct any errors when they have finished, choose two pairs to stand up and practice

practice using T;L (10-15 minutes) • provide ss with more opportunities to speak using TL

write 'I read a lot of books', 'I often go to the cinema' on the board, ask ss what the questions are. Write the questions on board and tell ss that they will move and ask other students about the questions on the HO. if the person says yes or no, they write their name on the HO, next to the question and move on to the next. note: one question per person. give out the HO. give them time to mingle and monitor correcting any errors when they are done the teacher may ask 2 or different students about how may yes they have.

Speaking activity (10-15 minutes) • help ss learn how to use the information they have to find out what they don't know

divide the class into groups of three, give HO 2 and give ss 1 minute to read through. give a different name to each ss in each group ie Keiko, Jose, Parveen, Nick, Marie & Sayid. Ss should keep their name secret other ss in the group should guess who each ss is by asking question eg Do you live in London? yes Do you work in an office? yes Do you like football and American food? yes You are Nick For FB ask ss what their friends' names were

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