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Teaching Practice 7
B1 level


In this lesson, SS will learn about the first conditional through a gist reading skills exercise. The context of the text will be parents telling white lies to their children. They will be highlighting the model sentences (white lies) and they will examine the meaning of the sentences and its form. After clarification and aims completed, the SS will produce controlled and semi-controlled activities such as fill in the gaps followed by a freer speaking activity if time permits.


Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of the First Conditional as to have SS produce the TL during controlled, semi-controlled and freer productive tasks.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To have SS highlight the TL subconciously by performing a gist reading skills task in which the context is parents telling 'white lies' to their children.


Stage 1 (Lead in) (4-5 minutes) • To clarify the meaning of a white lie

T will tell a story of a time when her parents told her a white lie; "....if you cross your eyes like that and the wind blows in your face, your eyes will stay like that forever." CCQs: Did my mother tell me the truth? (no) Why? (she wanted you to stop making funny faces) Did the lie hurt my feelings? (no) Do you think I stopped making funny faces and crossing my eyes? (maybe) T will ask SS to talk in pairs and come up with one white lie they have used or that their parents used on them.

Stage 2 ( Gist reading) (7-8 minutes) • students will gist read to highlight the TL.

T will give reading text to SS and ask them only to read the title? T will ask what they think it is about. T will ask them to read quickly and underline the white lies that they see. T will have them compare with their partner. T will elicit from SS the FB, T will use these sentences to introduce the first conditional.

Stage 3 (clarifying the first conditional) (14-16 minutes) • To elicit from SS the MFP using the sentences highlighted from the text.

T will ask SS what were the white lies that they found. There are 3. Once elicited, T will show the sentences on the WB. T will elicit from SS the meaning of the white lies. T will elicit from the SS the form of the first conditional. T will explain that 'unless' is the same as 'if...not' T will tell them that they have just explained how to write the first conditional and show them what we call "if clause" and "main clause". T will then ask them to go back to the text to find and underline the remaining first conditional sentences. (3 more) T will repeat previous stages. T will have them say the main clause first to show that we can switch the if and main clause, drop the coma and still keep th same meaning. *CCQ's* : *If he eats his crusts, he’ll have lovely curly hair.* Will he eat his crusts? (maybe) Will he definitely, 100% sure, eat his crusts? (no) Is there a chance that he will eat his crusts? (yes) *If we tell lies to our children, they’ll lie to us when they get older.* Are the children going to get older? (yes) Are they going to lie? (maybe) Are they definitely going to lie? (no) What can we do to avoid them telling lies? (to not tell lies to the children now)

Stage 4 (controlled activity, circle the correct answer) (5-7 minutes) • The SS will circle the correct answer in order to show their understanding of the TL in a controlled excercise.

T will explain that SS must circle the correct answer for the 'If clause'. T will have them work in pairs. FB will be given on the WB in form of answer key. Clarification will be given if SS need it.

Stage 5 ( semi-controlled fill in the gap exercise) (7-9 minutes) • To have SS complete the main clause of the first conditional with verb indicated

T will explain that the SS must complete the 'main clause' with the verb indicated. T will give HO and SS will work in pairs. T will monitor closely to help where is needed. FB will be given on WB with answer key. T will push SS to understand their mistakes, clarify the meaning and form if needed.

Stage 6 ( Freer productive speaking skill practice) (5-6 minutes) • SS will produce the TL in a freer speaking activity to promote fluency by making up their own white lies.

If time permits, T will have SS work in groups making up their own white lies. T will monitor and assist if SS need help.

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