Shahrzad Shahrzad

Touchstone 2, Unit 8, Lesson D/writing level


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Main Aims

  • for Ss to be better able to write about their daily routines

Subsidiary Aims

  • for Ss to be better able to use expressions that order events


Engagement (10 minutes) • For Ss to know the topic and get in the context

T writes some of her daily routines on the board and asks Ss to guess the order. eliciting the expressions: first/next/then when/as soon as/while before/after/during CCQs: which actions I do at the same time? Which I do before (for example brushing teeth)? T asks Ss to repeat the expressions.

Study (15 minutes)

T asks Ss to read the article and ask a partner Qs about the order of the writers evening routines. T asks Ss to write their evening routine but not in order and give it to a partner to guess the order putting the expressions.

Activation (10 minutes) • for Ss to write about their evening routine

T asks Ss to use their notes and write their evening routines. Ss check their partners writings and add the expressions if necessary.

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