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Health and Fitness - Reading and Vocab.
Pre-intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about health in the context of a hospital

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of health related words in the context of a hospital


Lead in (4 minutes) • Set context/get students active

Give each S a health problem on a piece of paper, eg, headache, back ache, sore feet, can't concentrate, can't eat, can't sleep, etc. Students mingle and approach at least 3 others to get advice. Model the task with a strong S. A: (groan with a painful expression) B: What's the matter? you don't look well. A: (state problem) B: (give some advice) Once Ss mingle, join them and watch for problems with vocab. In FB highlight any noted language difficulties and also any good advice.

Pre-teach vocabulary (5 minutes) • To familiarize Ss with vocabulary from the reading

Do a matching activity. Give answer key after they match. Surgeon (noun) - a doctor who performs operations Donor (noun) - someone who gives something such as blood or part of their body to help someone else Patient (noun) - someone who is receiving medical treatment Perform (verb) - to complete an action or activity Pneumonia (noun) - a serious illness that affects your lungs Transplant (noun) – a medical operation in which a new organ is put into a person’s body

Reading (gist) (5 minutes) • To practice reading for gist

Ss will read the text "A second Life" Instruct them to read it quickly to get the main ideas.

Compare/check (4 minutes) • To check understanding of the gist reading

After the first reading, Ss will work in pairs to match the word with proper abbreviations: people (P), medical condition (MC), or medical treatment (MT) 1. Transplant operation (MT) 2. Surgeon (P) 3. Operation (MT) 4. Donor (P) 5. Medical team (P) 6. Patient (P) 7. Pneumonia (MC)

Reading (inference) (3 minutes) • To practice reading for inference

Ss will read the quote again, with the intention of getting the meaning of the metaphor.

Compare/check (3 minutes) • To check understanding of the inference in the quotation

Ss will do question 2 on the worksheet: ...which quotation best represents the Dr's idea? Answer: C) "If someone is dying, they will choose a dangerous operation because if they don't, they will die anyway."

Reading (for detail) (8 minutes) • To practice reading for detail

Ss will read the entire sheet (all 3 sections) once more, this time in detail. They will be given more time to do so. Instruct them to begin with the questions if they finish early.

Compare/check (5 minutes) • To check understanding of the detail reading

After reading the text a second time with more time to read, Ss will answer the following questions: Who did the first human heart transplant? (Surgeon Christian Barnard) When was the operation? (1967) Where was the operation? (South Africa) How long did the operation take? (nine hours) How long did the patient live after the operation? (18 days)

Pronunciation (shark hangman) (7 minutes) • To practice pronouncing the vocabulary words

If time permits, choose words from the vocabulary to use with a game of shark hangman. Draw the stairs, person and the shark. Put the blanks on the WB, with room to build a fun sentence around it. Once the sentence is up, drill the word with a couple individual Ss and then the whole sentence with the class.

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