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TP 3a
Pre- Intermediate level


In this lesson, we will be focusing on the grammar of 'present perfect'. Students will learn the grammar followed by controlled writing activities and further speaking practice.


Main Aims

  • Grammar: Present perfect for experience

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking: Using present perfect.


Lead-in. (12-15 minutes) • To identify the key grammar of present perfect

Students to look at 5 photographs on the white board. We will elicit what these are and then I will ask the students to 'have you ever climbed a mountain?' linked to picture (1). I will then write up the sentence starter 'have you ever.... ' and then the base verb next to each picture asking students if they can finish the sentence. This is the start of pronunciation drilling. I will then ask particular students if they have done these things and if they answer yes; I will respond with a past simple follow up question. Explain that many dialogue start with have you ever, and continue with a past simple question. From the pictures, I will finally leave up the picture of Cappadocia and write up my full model sentence 'have you ever been to Cappadocia?' From this model sentence, will ask students to identify the form and what grammar type it is. I will ask a number of CCQs to elicit the present perfect. Elicit the word 'ever' explaining that it means, at any point in the past (draw a timeline to help if needed), this can be done during discussion about form or after this. The teacher will then practice drilling through 'back chaining'... Teacher to leave on WB 'Have you ever.....' and 'present perfect' to remind students throughout lesson.

Controlled Written Practice (8-10 minutes) • To correctly use present perfect and past simple in written form

Explain to students that we will now practice using the grammar in some writing. Show HO and tell students they need to put the correct verb form using present perfect and past simple. Hand out HO to each pairs. Ask students to work in pairs and monitor closely, correcting and explaining to students clearly why they are incorrect if they are so. When students have finished; ask them to practice dialogue with their pairs. Complete WCFB again correcting and explaining to students clearly why they are incorrect if they are so.

Semi controlled speaking (7-10 minutes) • To correctly use present perfect and past simple in spoken form

Students to now use the present perfect and past simple in spoken form through a semi controlled mingle activity of 'find someone who....' using the spoken term, 'have you ever...'. There will be 7 questions provided and students need to think of another 3 using the same structure. Sts to write down their 3 questions on HO before mingle activity can start. Students to walk around, asking each other questions, if they get a yes answer, students must think of a 'past simple' follow up question and write the answer in the final column of worksheet. Complete WCFB after activity to find out what students learnt about each other.

Lesson wrap up (13-15 minutes) • To draw together all 3 lessons

Teacher show picture of TV studio (Second slide on PowerPoint) put up pictures of 'Stars' who the students are likely to know as well as an 'interviewer'. Students to use vocab from previous lessons as well as the grammar from this lesson to create a interview with the star. Students to write down script and role play in pairs. Ask a number of pairs to perform their role play in-front of the class.

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