Riley Riley

TP 8
Upper intermediate level


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Main Aims

  • Student will develop their skills of writing personal emails to friends for giving suggestions of visiting their hometown.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will practice reading for gist.


Warmer/Lead-in (4 minutes) • To introduce and generate interest in ths topic.

Show Slide 1 “This is our last class; I want to tell you more about where I live.” “This is Cape Breton Highlands National Park last fall, and this is a geodesic dome. This is where we lived in that park.” Ask ‘tell me more about your city. Where is the best to go?” “My friend Emily lives in the US, and always wants to come and visit Nova scotia.” “So, I wrote an email to her.” “Next, we will read the email”

Gist task (3 minutes) • To lead the Ss into the general theme of the text

Show gist question “You have 2 mins to read. After reading the email, I want you to tell me, why do I write this email.” Gist question: Why do I write this email to Emily?  ICQ: “How long do you have?” – “2 mins” “start now” Show Email FB: “Why did I write this email?” – “To give suggestions to Emily”

Language Focus (8 minutes) • To focus on the text structure and highlight useful language.

Structure Instruction: “Let’s look at the email again” “How many paragraphs?” – “4” “What do I write for this paragraph?” * 4 Useful language Instruction: “Let’s play meaning match together” “For ‘Just want to day’, which one should we choose?” – “I want to tell you that…” “XX, what do you have for the next one?” “Any question about the meaning?” “For all these phrases, do we put them at the beginning of the sentence or at the end of the sentence?” – “at the beginning of these sentences“ “Which one of them needs a comma?” – “The fourth one” “For this sentence, can I say looking forward to do?” – “No, I have to say looking forward to DOING.”

Planning (3 minutes) • To give Ss thinking and note-taking time to organize ideas for writing the email.

Instruction: “Before we start to write, we have 3 mins to plan for the email” “brainstorm, make some bullet point notes. ” “Think about where you will write about and what suggestion you will give. " ICQ: “Do you start writing now?” – “No” “How long do you have?” – “3 mins” Start now

Writing (10 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice writing skills

Instructions: “Next, Let’s write! You’ll have 10 mins for writing.” Share Google Doc “I'll send the link into the Chat box” ICQ: “Do you write an informal email or a formal email?” – “Informal, because you write to your friend” “How many words?” – “100-150” “How many suggestions do you need to make?” – “2 suggestions” “How long do you have?” – “10 mins” Setups and monitoring: Monitoring Google doc Writing down good sentences and mistake sentences for the FB stage

Publishing (10 minutes) • To provide practice in skimming and reading for details; to promote inerest in what other Ss have written

Instruction: “Next, we will have 8 mins. let’s check each other’s email, ” “In the breakout room, check these three points for your partner’s email.” “Here are 4 steps you do in the breakout room” ICQ: “Do you read your partner’s email aloud?” –” No” “When you share screen, what are you sharing?” - ”My partner’s email” “How many checkpoints when you giving FB?” – “3” “How long do you have?” – “8 mins” Setups: Group 2-3 Ss in each BOR. Check if Ss have any questions.

Feedback and Error Correction (8 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

Content FB: "Anyone wants to share their email?" "2 mins, let read it quietly" "Does it follow the example structure? Does it have 2 suggestions? Do you want to go visit the place?" Language FB: Ask Ss to correct the sentences from my notes.

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