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G6 Sem 1 Week 14
Grade 6 level


Students read the text of Mulan from their book, look at several other short stories about men and woman who have defied gender stereotypes, and then talk about what they want to be when they grow up.


Main Aims

  • enable students to read and understand a story in English

Subsidiary Aims

  • students see that men and women can do things even if society tells them they can't


Introduction (4-6 minutes) • excite interest

Tell class we will read Mulan today. Ask if they know the story. Then play the movie clip.

Pre-teach vocab (6-8 minutes) • give students some vocab to help them read

Go through the slides, drill, and move on. Some have a Chinese translation because they are translated in the story. Focus on pronunciation because the kids will have to read the words aloud.

Reading (16-20 minutes) • read the story

Tell them to open their books to page 75. Get the class to read the story sentence by sentence. Call on students if no one volunteers and try to make sure every kid has to speak at least once. Help them with hard words. At the end of each page there are questions. You can use these to check understanding.

Put together other stories (6-8 minutes) • kids get practice assembling a story be recognizing its parts (beginning, middle, end)

Put up the six story sentences in no particular order. Call on kids to come up and help, several at a time, until they've separated them into two stories and put them in the right order. Have kids read through sentence by sentence (call on a different kid for each one)

Freer Practice (6-8 minutes) • Students get to use language in their own way

Put up the last slide about "How do we talk about stories". Drill the phrases if needed and then let kids talk to each other about Mulan. They should ask questions like "What was your favourite part?" and then answer.

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