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Teaching Practice 5b
Elementary level


In this lesson, Ss will practice How many / How much with vocabulary in the context of renting a flat. They will be introduced also to some, any, a. I'll give them practice in listening for specific information and details. There will be also a speaking practice.


Abc cut-ups
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Main Aims

  • To review (singular & plural) and provide Ss practice in (How much / How many) and (some, any, a)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide Ss practice in speaking for accuracy in a controlled practice
  • To give Ss practice in listening for specific information and detail.


Lead-in (5-7 minutes) • To warm up Ss and let them engage in the topic this lesson

I'll start this class by showing the Ss a picture of a house Which I want to rent. I'll tell them a story contains the context of how much and many. I'll revise Ss information about countable and uncountable nouns.Then, I'll introduce 'How many / How much' to the Ss with countable and uncountable nouns..

Grammar (10-12 minutes) • To focus Ss' attention on the meaning of how much and how many. To give Ss practice in speaking for accuracy.

Ss will put the cut-ups under the countable and uncountable columns, ask them to add more to the 2 categories. Then, the will decide what goes with the countable nouns (how many, or how much). The same will be for the uncountable nouns. After that, I‘ll remind Ss about ‘are there, is there ’. Ss will do ex 5 (controlled practice) in pairs. After that, they will change their partners and ask and answer the questionnaire looking for a surprising answer.

Listening (10-12 minutes) • To give Ss practice in listening for specific information

ex 6 a) Ss will read the ad once again and look for two things they think are good about the flat. ex 6 b) Ss will listen individually. I'll model the first two exercises.Then, they will put the things in order. The answers will be checked with the whole class. ex 7 Ss need some time to read it. Then, they will listen again for details. Ss will work in pairs and check their answers. I'll take the FB.

Grammar (13-14 minutes) • To give Student a practice about (some, any, a)

I'll model some sentences on the board and elicit. e.g. There are some chairs. + There aren't any chairs. - (not) negative Are there any chairs? interrogative There is a chair. a (singular countable noun) ex 9 Ss will work in pairs on this exercise. Then, they will listen and check their answers individually. On the board I'll elicit from the Ss why they answered in this way.

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