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Global Upper Intermediate Demo Lesson - Unit 3 Land and Sea
Upper Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson ss will practise reading for specific information and detail. They will also revisit the present perfect simple, present perfect continuous and the past simple through the reading text. There will be opportunities to practise speaking for accuracy and fluency.


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of the present perfect simple, the present perfect continuous and the past simple in the context of land and sea. Ss will also encounter vocabulary/phrases that enhance meaning.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practise reading for specific information, reading for detail and speaking for accuracy and fluency.


Lead-in (5-9 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

To set the context of the lesson, I'll be using an audio of sounds of the sea as ss walk in. Task. Tell the ss I'm going to play the audio again and I'd like them to listen and write down any words that they think of when they hear the sounds. Elicit a couple of examples first. After listening tell the ss a couple of 'my' words and why I chose them as a demo. Now ss tell each other in pairs which words they thought of and why.

Initial Exposure (8-12 minutes) • For ss to react to the text and see the target language in context. To practise reading for detail.

Demo the first example and check instructions. Ss read and choose accordingly. Ss check in pairs and explain their choices. Quick feedback

Vocabulary Expansion (5-12 minutes) • To raise ss' awareness of how meaning can be enhanced

Demonstrate the first example of how meaning can be enhanced using certain words. Ss continue as a matching task in pairs. Check with other pairs Feedback - ss write answers on the board. Any questions? Can you think of any other examples?

Further Interaction with the text (8-13 minutes) • To help ss personalise the theme of the text and indirectly prepare them for the target language to follow. To practise speaking for fluency.

Draw ss' attention to the questions and have them ask me a couple as examples. Ss discuss these questions in groups. Monitor Quick feedback

Exposure to the Target Language (5-8 minutes) • For ss to notice the target language in the text.

Have the ss underline examples of the present perfect simple, present perfect continuous and the past simple in the text. Do a couple with the class as a demo to make sure everyone is clear. Ss underline the examples individually. Ss check together in pairs. Feedback - answer key

Highlighting of Form and Clarification (8-13 minutes) • To draw ss' attention to the forms, then clarify the meaning and form as appropriate.

Focus ss' attention on the grammar section and have ss find examples of the sentences they underlined match the explanations. Demonstrate carefully. Give to ss as a matching task to complete in groups. Handout answer keys. Be ready to double check meaning where necessary.

Semi-Controlled and Freer Practice (10-15 minutes) • To give ss the opportunity to practise and personalise the target language.

Demonstrate with a couple of examples of my own from page 35, Ex5. Get ss to ask me questions using the TL as much as possible. Have ss work individually to make their own statements. Ss work in pairs and talk about their experiences. Monitor and take notes for delayed correction if time.

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