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Teaching practice 7
intermediate B2 level level


In this lesson sts will learn how to make passive sentences. sts will try to distinguish two different meaning of the sentences, past tense and past participle. they will practice on sentences and jumbled sentences in order to make passive sentences.


Abc HO practice passive
Abc HO Passive forms
Abc HO exercise rearrange the words

Main Aims

  • to provide sts the opportunity to practice grammar. sts will practice on passive by the end of the lesson sts will be able to use the passives in the target language

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practice speaking by using passive form


Lead in (3-5 minutes) • To set the context

to prepare sts for the lesson, firstly the teacher will ask sts what they have been doing in the first lesson if they notices any grammar forms from the reading text and then the teacher will write two sentences on the WB and elicit from sts the meaning of the two different sentences.

Grammar (8-10 minutes) • To learn the meaning form and pronunciation and the differences between simple past and passive.

the teacher will write two examples on the WB one sentence with simple past other one is passive and ask CQs to elicits the meaning of the sentences which is active and passive sentence and show the differences between two.

form and pronunciation (3-5 minutes) • to elicit the correct form from sts, back chaining the sentence

T will elicit the correct form from sts and show on the WB, back chaining the sentence for the correct pronunciation.

practice of grammar (8-10 minutes) • in order to practice sts will make sentences in the passive.

The teacher will give sts HO to practice on passive and then sts will peer check their answers. answer key will be handed.

controlled practise passive (8-10 minutes) • to help sts understand the meaning of the passive

after they practice on the meaning of the passive, secondly, T will give HO to sts to practice more. this time sts will rearrange the words and write them correctly. after they finished peer check will be doing. then answer key will be given.

controlled speaking activity (7-8 minutes) • to give sts controlled practice of TL.

T will give sts controlled speaking activity to talk about things that they are interseted in or things they know about by making passive sentence in pairs. FB: error correction will be immediately.The passive forms HO will be handed as an extra thing at the end of the practice to help sts to see all tenses forms.

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