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Don't argue ! Past modals
Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson Ss will learn about past modals (must have, might have, and etc) and their usage in the form of arguments possibility and if someone did something wrong.


Abc Exercise 4.3 b&c
Abc Audio track 4.2

Main Aims

  • To provide
  • To provide clarification of Past modals in the context of Argument

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a Conversation in the context of argument
  • To provide product writing practice of a short story about the last time they had an argument with someone. in the context of Argumet


Test #1 (3-5 minutes) • To gauge students' prior knowledge of the target language

Ss will be given the test and will be asked to finish it individually. ask: are you going to do the test alone or in pairs? individually. If student struggled so much while monitoring, As a hint the answer for the first question in the test will be provided in order for students to figure out what they should do.

Teach (15-20 minutes) • To clarify weak/ problematic areas of the target language

Ss will be informed that they time is up I assume that they won't be able to come up with the full knowledge -If Ss come up with sem-knowledge : Ss will be asked to stand up and share their answers with each other. they will be clearly instructed checking and then answers provided on the board. Meaning: CCQs:as they peer check they will be asked to put A,B,C,or D in the box before each phrase as which phrase in b matches the descriptions. #peer-checking then WC Form: : [+] S+SHOUDL/COULD/MUS/MIGHT/MAY+HAVE+PP [-]S+SHOUDL/COULD/MUST/MIGHT/MAY+HAVEN'T/HAVE NOT+PP [?]SHOUDL/COULD/MUST/MIGHT/MAY+SUBJECT+HAVE+PP Pronunciation: Weak form of HAVE will be highlighted. by underlining the stressed word. and drilling. maybe back-chaining. If they come out with a zero knowledge: Pictures of page 64 will be shown elicit what the people in the picture are doing by asking CCQs such as: Where are they?/ what are they doing?/ are they happy or upset ?/ try to elicit the word ""argue" from students then show them exercise 4.3 -b and then tell them: have a quick look at these sentences and as i play the recording try to fill in the blanks with the correct word. play the file then ask them to check in peer. then provide answers on the board. Meaning: then show them 4.3 -c and tell them to read the explanations and then they have to match the most suitable explanation with the phrases. #check in pairs #Check as WC Form: as mentioned. Pronunciation : as mentioned.

Test #2 (8-10 minutes) • To provide practice of the target language/assess what Ss have learnt

SS will be given the second test and asked to do it individually in 3 minutes. when the time is up they will be asked to switch papers and as WC class check mark their peers. #Controlled-practice #peer-checking #feedback

If time,Freer practice (5-10 minutes) • To provide students with free practice of the target language

Ss will be asked to write a similar conversation just as in the second test with their partner in 3 minutes. then practice in pairs. #spaking #writing #monitoring #feedback

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