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Excursion To London
Teenage Intermediate level


In this lesson will learn about the sights and historical aspects to the planned excursion to London on Wednesday.


Abc White Board

Main Aims

  • To help the students understand many of the different historical, political and educational sights to see in London

Subsidiary Aims

  • An introduction to prepositions and other sentence structures within the context of London


Warmer Lead In (8-10 minutes) • To introduce and engage the students in London

The teacher will open the discussion with the students on what is the capital of London. The teacher will elicit a response from the class. Key words used will be written on the WB.

Task 1 (10-15 minutes) • To get the students to complete the task

The teacher will show HO1 to the WC explain what is to be done. This task is to complete the fill in the blanks. on unseen London. The class will complete this individually and then be broken up into pairs to check on their answers. The teacher will then go over the answers from the sheet. Any difficult phrases or words are to written on the WB

Task 2 (10-15 minutes) • The students to complete the task on Pictionary and Infoormation File

The teacher will show the students HO2 and explain the task required using ICQ's to make sure the students understand. The task involves looking at pictures of sights of London and putting the correct words in the correct sentences. This will be done in pairs and then into groups of four to check the answers. One person from each group will write the correct answers on the WB

Task 3 (10-15 minutes) • Free discussion on comparing London to other cities

The teacher will elicit responses from the students on other capital cities of the world they my have visited and make comparisons of historical and lifestyle varieties. What do they like about going to London.

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