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Memorable events
Upper Intermediate, B2 level


The main aim of the lesson is integrate skills - listening and speaking. Students will have the opportunity to listen and talk about memorable event.


Abc Matching Exercise

Main Aims

  • The main aim of this lesson is integrated skills -listening and speaking . SS will have the opportunity to listen and talk about memorable event.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To intoduce related words and listening for specific detail.


Stage 1 • Warmer / Lead in To set lesson context and engage students

Show some pictures about events to draw Ss attention to the topic Ask some questıons to involve them, and to know if they have been to a memorable event before, if it works in a way they start asking questıon to their partner about memorable events which they could never forget or always remember to tell EX. 1- Did you attend any memorable events? 2- How was it ? 3- What is it ?

Stage 2 • Listening for specific detail Practice listening skill by recording an audio task in the context of different people describing a memorable event they attended.

Show the picture . Focus Ss on the questıons . Ask Ss if they have attended such a memorable event before and if they have successful at answering . Set the questions and play the recording . Put Ss in pairs to compare and check answers as a whole class.

Stage 3 • Presentation To focus on detailed information from the recording to answer the sentences .

Put Ss in pairs to read the sentences in two minutes , and choose the best matching event according to the recording. Concentrate on listening text better - Different People Memorable Event List reasons of unforgettable memorable event . Ask Ss to check together and then give whole class feedback Ask Ss to read again their answer to check true or right , to give an example from the listening text where they can find the answer. - I must have been one of about a million. This place can't be a isolated place. Ask Ss to check together and then whole class feedback.

Stage 4 • Vocabulary Getting more time to focus on the topıc of memorable event related to the words teach before.

Introduce the task and give students a couple of minutes to decide which celebrations they are going to talk about in pairs Gİve ss more time to get encouraged to speak about the topic. Check that the Ss understand the vocabulary.

Stage 5 • Controlled Practice To concept check and prepare students for more meaningful practice

Hand -out a writing exercıse and ask Ss to work in pairs to write an interview that one part is asking the event and the other part describe the event. Give Ss a couple of minutes to take notes. Ask Ss to read their interview in groups. Each group presents in front of the class , and then as a whole class.

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