Darush Darush

Family 4
Basic level


Abc Flash card, clip ,audio

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice
  • To provide fluency and accuracy

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide
  • To provide clarification, review and practice


1 (0-90 minutes) • Practice vocabulary and grammar

Teaching vocabulary and classifying words for students to understand. Repet the new word in the reading Teach persent perfect and how make questions, Answer exter question a bout gramer Read story book

2 (0-90 minutes) • Practice gramer, phonics and spelling

Encourage students to make sentences with the new words and make questions with the grammar they have learned. Read song and teach (ur,ir) sound For extra exercise he should complete Grammer book

3 (0-90 minutes) • Reading writing

For the fifth part of the training, teach students what is email and how to send email For the listening part, we play the audio and ask the students to repeat and solve the exercises Read story book

4 (0-90 minutes) • vocabulary and grammar

First play listing a bout the new word and explain new word for students with flash cards Read passage and defind the new word Teach persent perfect (ever) Opd dictionary Answer questions

5 (0-90 minutes) • Grammar, speaking

Tech Grammer part present perfect (never) For speaking To talk about their person and place Read song For spelling teach ( ea,a) sound For Extra homework ,answer Grammer book Read story

6 (0-90 minutes) • Exam and reading and writing

Exame Read passage a bout Everst expedition Answer questions Do listing part Opd dictionary

7 (0-90 minutes) • vocabulary and grammar

Explain new word about illness with flash cards Read passage and look up the new word Teach Grammer should and shouldn't for advice Extra questions (grammar book)

8 (0-90 minutes) • Grammar spelling

Talk a bout new grammer (could and couldn't) for Past (can)permission Spelling part (le, la) sound Read story book Clip

9 (0-90 minutes) • Reading listing

Read passage and identify new words a bout healthy food Teach writing part (conjunction ,beacuse) Grammar book Read story Work in fluency part Opd

10 (0-90 minutes) • vocabulary reading

Read passage and then teach new vocabulary through the reading Grammer part (objective pronoun to replace by a pronoun) Story book Clip Opd

11 (0-90 minutes) • Grammar spelling

Identify grammer a bout relative pronoun and ask students to make questions Sing song Phonics teach (El,il) sound Extra questions Work book Story book

12 (0-90 minutes) • Exam and reading and writing

Exam Read passage and identify new words about help people Writing preposition (sub clause) Opd

13 (0-90 minutes) • Practice vocabulary reading

Explain the family and relationship with other Reading part Teach past continuous grammer and asked student to give examples orally Story book Clip

14 (0-90 minutes) • Reading spelling

Read passage a bout relative and identify new words Explain Spelling part (tion, shion) sound with audio Writing part defind poem and ryhem Answer Gramer book

15 (0-90 minutes) • Practice vocabulary and grammar

Teach new words with flash cards Talk a bout different between simple past and past continues and identify the base form of this grmmer Song Spelling part different between any word with same pronunciation Do fluency part

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