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PT 4 Art and Artist - Vocabulary
Intermediate B2 level


In this lesson, STS will learn new vocabulary in the context of art and Artists. The unit will begin with a lead in activity where students look at images of famous works of art and discuss the question 'is this art?'. They will look at another image of a famous Artist named Orlan and answer T/F questions, followed by a text order activity. Students will then practice the MFP of the new language by doing a match exercise. They will then complete a controlled gap fill activity and semi-controlled Q&A. The session will end with a freer practice where students discuss there experiences/knowledge of art whist using the TL. read a text about her life and complete a gap fill activity.


Abc ex 1-2, reading T/F and order activity
Abc Ex 2 - 3 vocabulary gap fill activity
Abc Ex 3, Vocabulary word search
Abc Lead in activity

Main Aims

  • To introduce students to new vocabulary in the context of Art and artists

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice reading for gist and detail.


Lead in activity (5-6 minutes) • To introduce and generate interest in the topic

Display image 1 on WB - Marcel Duchamp in pairs, STS to discuss Is this Art? STS will discuss same questions with following images Display image 3 on WB - Damien Hurst Display image 3 on WB - Orlan Elicit some of the ideas and vocabulary that will be used in lesson - note on WB

Pre reading (4-5 minutes) • Introduce text and read for gist

Pair work Image 3 - Orlan on WB Ex 1 - STS to look at photo on WB and answer T/F to statements 1-4 STS then read text and check answers in pairs Answer key on WB 1.T, 2.T, 3.T, 4.T

Reading task (6-8 minutes) • Reading for detail

individual activity Ex 2, STS to read article again and put 7 statements in order of event. Pair work to check their answers Display statements on WB and check answers with WC 7. line 16, 2. line 17, 6. line 12, 5. line 26, 4. line25, 1. line 31, 3. line 34

Clarification of vocabulary (10-12 minutes) • Introduce vocabulary and clarify meaning and pron. and drilling

Groups of 3 Introduce 7 'works of art' by famous artists - use CCQ to check meaning Image 4 on WB STS to match the word to the image. WC to feedback answers Using CCQs clarify meaning, pron., stress and drill new vocabulary 1. Abstract = C, 2. landscape = G, 3. Self portrait = B, 4. Still life = A, 5. Mural = F, 6. Performance art = D, 7. Sculpture = E Using CCQ's also clarify - patrons, exhibition, figurative, conceptual, works of art,

Controlled practice (optional) (3-4 minutes) • Clarify TL

Ex 3 3 mins STS to fill in word search activity - find 13 words check answers in pairs Answers on the WB

Controlled practice (5-8 minutes) • Practise using new vocabulary in gap fill activity

Pair work Ex 1 - STS to complete gap fill activity and complete sentences 1-7 Answers on WB 1. collection, 2. sculptures 3. abstract, 4. patrons, 5. dealers, 6. exhibition, 7. landscapes Using CCQ's clarify meaning, form, pron and drill if needed

Semi-controlled practice (6-8 minutes) • Practice TL

Pair work ex 2 - practice using the vocabulary. STS each take it in turns to ask questions and answer 1-7

Freer Practice (6-7 minutes) • Practice using target language

Group work - 3 5 mins STS to ask the following questions and try to use target language Do you go to galleries or exhibitions? Who is your favourite artist? Would you like to see one of Orlan's videos?

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