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Teaching Practice 6
A1 level


In this lesson, the students learn new vocabulary in the context of inviting someone to go out. The lesson starts with introducing new vocabulary. Through visuals and a matching exercise, they are clarified the meaning, form and pronunciation of the vocabulary. The context is set through a listening exercise that helps students learn the use of the vocabulary. Later, through controlled and semi controlled exercises the students practice the use of the learned vocabulary in real life situations.


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Abc Time Expressions: Listening
Abc Time Expressions: Vocabulary

Main Aims

  • To introduce and provide clarification of Future time expressions in the context of Inviting someone to go out

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice listening and speaking for accuracy of Future time expressions in the context of Inviting someone to go out


Lead-in (2-4 minutes) • To develop interest in the topic

-The students sit in pairs - Ask them what are their plans for the weekend - 'What will you on weekend or (Saturday and Sunday)? - I will go for dinner with friends, I will go to mall for shopping - Ask the students to tell their weekend plans to their partners

Stage 1 (Focus on vocabulary) (14-15 minutes) • To introduce Future time expressions and vocabulary relevant to listening material

- Give the vocabulary HO1 to students and project the PPT on the WB - Start by asking what day is it today? Thursday. What can they see in the pictures? Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night - Ask What day is it tomorrow? Friday. Elicit: tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening, tomorrow night. - DRILLING - Go to the next slide. Mark Thursday on the picture. Circle all the days and ask what is this? Elicit: week - Teach: 'this week' and 'next week' - DRILLING - Circle Saturday and ask, what day is this? Saturday. Point out, this Saturday and next Saturday. -DRILLING - Move to the next slide and ask them to match the words with the pictures. - for FB: Get students to mark the answers on the board. - Give HO2 - In pairs, students do Ex1b page 72 - For FB: Nominate one pair to give the answer for the first question. That pair nominates another pair to answer the second question. Do this for all four questions.

Pre-listening (2-3 minutes) • To prepare students for receptive skills

- Preparing students for listening task - Show picture of people conversing and ask students what are they doing - Elicit: talking - Students are told they will listen to 5 different conversations, 10 people talking - Emphasis is on listening carefully

While Listening (10-12 minutes) • To listen for general idea and specific information with regard to Future time expressions

- Ask the SS to turn the HO to the other side - Tell the students that they will listen to five conversations - They need to listen 'What are they about?' maybe meal, meeting, game... - Student do Ex.2a page 72 - Write the number in front of the conversation - Check answers with partner - for FB: One student has the AK and plays teacher - Students are told they will listen to the audio clip again. - They need to listen 'When it is? maybe evening, next Saturday, today, tomorrow... - Students do Ex.2b page 72 - Write the answer in the HO - Check answers with partner - for FB: distribute AK

Post Listening: Speaking (13-15 minutes) • To practice speaking for accuracy with regard to Future time expressions

- Divide the class in two groups: Yellow and Pink - All Yellows sit together and Pinks sit together - Tell the students that they will work together as a group - Both groups have different plans for 'This Week' and 'Next Week' - They will be given the plans (cut-ups) and they need to stick in their diary in the correct places (when) - Once they are done, each student from the group should have the plan written on his/her separate diary - After the GW, each Yellow person should find a Pink partner -They sit together and tell each other about their plans for this week and next week (what they are doing and when they are doing) - The students finally practice speaking skills (using Future time expressions)

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