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1. Gradable / Non-Gradable Adjectives
Intermidiate level


In this lesson students learn about the differences between gradable and non gradable adjectives and how to use them in speech.


Abc Speaking Questions
Abc Listening for Second Highlighting Target Language
Abc Matching Handout

Main Aims

  • Reading For Specific Information
  • Vocabulary: To understand the differences between gradable and non-gradable adjectives.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Speaking: To use gradable and non-gradable adjectives to speak about emotions in dramatic situations using appropriate stress and intonation.


Lead-in (1-1 minutes) • Review Previous Topic as a Reminder

Ask Question "How did 'Dead Mike' explain skydiving?" Use this to link to Highlighting Target Language Activity.

Highlighting Target Language (8-10 minutes) • To Introduce Gradable Adjectives To Students

The students will be divided into 4 (four) or 5 (five) groups depending on the number of students. Teacher will give instructions to students about matching the handouts. The gradable adjectives in the flashcards will be highlighted. Teacher will handout flashcards for students to match. After the time limits is finished, the teacher will ask the students if they had a highlighted word. After the students raise their hand, the teacher will ask them why they think their highlighted. Finally the teacher will explain what gradable adjectives are, and the difference between gradable and non gradable adjectives..

Clarify Target Language (13-15 minutes) • Practice With Vocabulary

The teacher will write 5 (words) on the board: Absolutely Extremely Fairly Really Very Then the teacher will make a chart on the board: With 'Gradable' Adjectives | With 'Non-Gradable' Adjectives This is _______ Good! | This is _______ incredible! Then the teacher will ask the students which word they can put in the blanks, if they can use the words in both spaces and ask them what other words they can use. Then the teacher will pass out the matching handout. Students will have to put the correct words in the correct list.

Highlighting Target Language (8-10 minutes) • To make sure students understand how to use Intonation on gradable adjectives.

The teacher will pair the students. The class will listen to 2 (two) audio files. Then, the teacher will mark on the board the intonation of one or two words. Let students listen to audio files and try to mark the intonations on their own. Then work in pairs.

Language Practice (Speaking) (8-9 minutes) • To provide controlled speaking practice focused on using the language accuratly

Pass out list of 8 words for possible answers. Ask students the questions on speaking section page 13. Allow students to respond. Give students the questions and ask each other in pairs.

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