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pre-intermediate level


In this lesson, students practice speaking by asking and answering about past events in their lives.They also review and practice the past simple and past time phrases.They order the time phrases in terms of which is further to the past. They also learn which part of the phrase should be stressed. They learn some common problems about the topic.


Main Aims

  • To give sts semi-controlled and free speaking practice asking and answering about past events in their lives

Subsidiary Aims

  • To review and practice the past simple and past time phrases.


Introducing the topic (5-7 minutes) • Reminding students with the time words and phrases

Writing an example on the board ( I went to a -------------- restaurant --------------------- )

Drawing a timeline (5-7 minutes) • showing which time words and phrases comes first

After drawing the timeline, I am going to stick the cards on the board randomly. The students put the in the correct place on the timeline.

Pronunciation and stress (2-3 minutes) • saying the words and phrases correctly

I am going to ask students read the phrases loudly. I am going to draw their attention to the streesed part of the phrase.

Speaking between two groups A and B (10-13 minutes) • Practicing speaking with time words and phrases in the past in questioning and and answering

I am going to divide the students into two groups A and B and ask them to do ex. 7 by giving them handouts to help them do this. Then I will get FB after eliciting the answers . I am going choose one of each group to practice speaking.

Common problems (10-15 minutes) • showing students some errors on the board that can be avoided if they learn that.

I am going to write some sentences on the board and get sts to correct. Them I will give them a handout about these problems.

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