Hala Laith Hala Laith

Teaching practice 1
Beginner level


in this lesson students will listen to some conversations and practice using the key words for this lesson .


Abc face 2 face COURSE BOOK A1/cutting Edge starter resource

Main Aims

  • :to introduce and give practice in classroom language -to enable Ss to interact in the classroom on a daily basis .

Subsidiary Aims

  • listening and reading


1-introduction • the introduction will enable me to explain the word match

by illustrating on the board how can words match with each other

2-listening • to let the student practice their listening skills and solve the exercise

by listening to the conversation by CD the student will be able to solve the exercises and practice ,

3-illustrate the difference between question-answer • to enable the students to understand how to make questions and answer

by giving examples on the white board which enables the students to answer the last activity in their worksheets .

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