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Session 1
E.C lvl intro level


In this lesson the students will get introduced to the English language.


Abc course book

Main Aims

  • at the End of this class the students will be knowing the alphabets very well and greetings

Subsidiary Aims

  • the students will know some main expressions and questions in daily language


warmer (10-0 minutes) • to break the ice in the very first meeting

after introducing your self to the learners, you can play with them a very quick game (changing seats game) - take just one seat from the learners - ask them to say change your seats if you..... - and when the learner doesn't find a seat to sit on, he introduces him self by saying his/her (name/ like / don't like / something interesting)

presentation 1 (10 minutes) • to introduce the Ss to the alphabets of the L

- write on the board the first 7 letters and pronounce them clearly and make them pronounce them too - then give a word example for each letter - write the next 7 letters and do the same thing and so on

practice 1 (5 minutes) • to practice the alphabets

- ask the Ss to write down their first, mid, and last names in English - check and praise them

presentation 2 (20 minutes) • to introduce the Ss to the greetings in English and common Expressions

- write on the board the greetings hi, hello , and all the words with good and explain them clearly - write the words with bye and make sure they understood by CCQs - write the common questions and explain them and their answers

practice 2 (5 minutes) • to practice the TL

- ask the Ss to answer the worksheet - explain the questions clearly - make sure they understood by ICQs - check the answers by choosing a learner randomly

production (30 minutes) • to make Ss practice fluency

- ask the Ss to prepare for a role play between an interviewer and interviewee - divide them into interviewers and interviewees - ask the interviewers to prepare the common questions - ask the interviewees to prepare an introductions - encourage them to hire or not - then switch roles at the half of the time

wrap-up (5 minutes) • to recap the TL

- ask the Ss questions about everything you have taught - you don't have to choose the volunteer if you don't have the time

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